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About I've always loved Harry Potter, even before the Fan fic, so it was no surprise that I'm now addicted to writing it. But I do have a limit. No, Ron, Percy, Peter, Ginny, Lily or Tonk fics. I love Hermione as main with nearly everyone. Sometimes I just hate her for getting all these delicious men, but that doesn't stop me from writing it :D

My absolute favorite:

Hermione/Lucius Malfoy

Hermione/Severus Snape

Hermione/Remus Lupin

Hermione/Sirius Black

Hermione/James Potter

Hermione/Regulus Black

Hermione/Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort

Hermione/Bill/Charlie/Fred Weasley/ Together or otherwise

Hermione/Draco Malfoy

Hermione/Blaise Zabini

Hermione/Harry Potter

Hermione/Theo Nott

Hermione/Marcus Flint

Hermione/Adrian Pucey

Hermione/Cedric Diggery

Hermione/Cormac McLaggen

Hermione/Rodolphus Lestrange

Hermione/Rabastan Lestrange

Hermione/Fenrir Grayback

Ok, so there is a few, but I love my Slytherins, although my Marauders and Weasleys are equally loved. That's not to say that I haven't dabbled in the Trio pool, but I still think Harry and Hermione make more sense than Ron and Hermione. Ron makes more sense with Lavender and should have stayed with her.

But I'm willing to give every ship a chance (except those listed). I love requests, challenges, ideas, creative criticism, so if you have any, Id love to hear about it! I enjoy reading/writing anything with Hermione center that has a happy ending or a very good plot.

Note to My Readers: I never post a story that hasn't already been completed. As a promise to my readers, I will never leave them hanging or give up on a story (Unless I have absolutely no choice). They will get each chapter as quickly as I possibly can get them out!

P/S I do NOT own Harry Potter, or anything else related to JKR. I am simply humoring my muse. But if you even ponder the notion of stealing anything without telling me, let's just say I'll make you wish you were never born!

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