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BY : WarDove

  • From ANON - Sue on February 12, 2004

    Are you the same "War Dove" who posts at Hated_character on LJ?

    I really end thd this ficlet. You have a wonderfully clear, concise sort of writing. The characterization was on the mark, which is also a plus. It was a pleasure to read, and I look forward to reading more of your works in the future. Truly a pearl among the swine. I balked at the sheer number of Spike/Faye nastasies in this archive alone. It makes me want to weep. The Spike/Julia relationship was one of the things that made Bebop such a deep and complex series. It disgusts me that the fanpoodles take such pleasure in twisting, and tearing it down like it was nothing.

    So sorry for ranting. :/ However, fanfics like yours give me hope for the fandom.

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  • From ANON - Nani? on September 09, 2003

    this was so adorable... i love it sooo much

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  • From ANON - Dark Rose Muse on March 31, 2003

    This was a very lemon. I love spike/julia. there are not many done. Bravo!

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