Reviews for Onsen Tricks & Treats

BY : SailorPanda

  • From digitalblasphemy on December 28, 2005

    oooh sneaky little rabbit!!! this rocks as does all your other fics :)

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  • From Jimaine on November 04, 2005

    Ohh thats soo cute!! hehe! Poor drunken Kyo lol! That's kinda funny though i have to admit. I'm glad thought that he got snaped out of thinking it was a dream before he actully made love to her. The only thing that could of made this asomly cute story better weould be some of Tohru's thoughts as Kyo's like all makin gout with her and stuff. That would be cute. Ah but soo sweet and soo cute. I love the end were Momiji is all like i hope kyo remembers to thank me. Hehe i hope so to but i doubt it. Kyo's such a butt munch lol!!! Hehehe anways sooo cute i absolutly loved it!!!!!

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  • From ANON - Paradiseboy on October 17, 2005

    Sorry.I forgot to review this before.Great fic.Keep it up.

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  • From ANON - RekkaShinen on June 16, 2003

    HEY!!! So this is where you've been hiding!!! I totally didn't know this was your fic until I was about to review. Heh, how about that? Well, arigato for reviewing my fic. I really appreciated it. Your fic, however, was....
    TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! You stayed true to the story line and added some spice. Great story. Love it!! I'm gonna go find some more of your fics. Hehehehe, ja ne!!! ^.~ v

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  • From ANON - Mia on May 19, 2003

    I really like the way you wrote this. Not just a lemon, but a plot too, I think that's great. Besides, it's always nice to see Kyou paired with a female. Very nice work.

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  • From ANON - Serena on May 04, 2003

    Momiji...that little devil. ^_~

    I absolutely loved this. You're getting quite good at writing lemons. Teehee.

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