Reviews for History

BY : Philippa MaQuente

  • From Shadow on March 30, 2008

    This was bloody awesome man! I love how you put the events of history into one fanfiction and make it fit! Jack the Ripper a vamp! makes sooo much sense when you put Alucard as being his creator hehehehehe. anyway. this was really good. You write very well.

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  • From TheIezuKarril on February 05, 2008

    Chapter 5: Alucard and Seras have sleep sex. lol
    luv ya, babe.

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  • From ANON - obsessed dreamer on October 31, 2007

    that was white-hot. beautifully written. yep, alucard is dracula. he manga-kan derived inspiration from bram stoker's work and one other vampire movie. gomen, i forgot the title.

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  • From Lord Roushijin on July 25, 2007

    I love you!!!!!! Hahahaha. If those stories you made are like the challenge then have your lil'way with them! These are the best stories I've read in ages! By all means. Have yourself a time!!!! I'm in love with your style!

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  • From BlackRosePhantom on May 17, 2007

    The first parts of the story seemed too brief a romantic history of Alucard's.
    But the binding part...WOW!!! O_O!!! YUMMYYYY!!!

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  • From on March 29, 2007

    I love it so far. Very well written and interesting, very intriguing.

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  • From Luna_The_Lunatic on February 23, 2007

    awww Started reading this, i like it. The history nice. Bathory!! One of my fav historcal killers awesome! I thought i read somewhere that she had a Cosuion that controled controled Trasiviana while she was still alive. like After the Tepes all died or somthing like that the family line was worked into or somthing. >> It was probaly fiction, I'm not sure cuz i reamber reading it and it wasn;t in a fictional site. Oh well Last chapter was a little sappy .. but much liked.... I am kinda a romatic, Kinda. So i don't take away any Point in my view. Yay for useing the Manga and not the anime woot! but please tell me. Is this before or After the Attack on london and such?

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  • From Philippa MaQuente on February 22, 2007

    Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

    The funny thing about AxS is that there aren't a lot of stories for them, because apparently they aren't that popular... yet I'm always seeing people ask for more.

    I really don't know if I'll ever write another. I guess I could, but I really enjoy the moment where Seras and Alucard first get together, and how many of those can one person really write?

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  • From SG21 on February 21, 2007

    That was an amazing story. Your lemon was absolutely downright hot and the history twists were awsome please make anothe A&S soon theres far to little of them out there.


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  • From satiana on February 13, 2007

    Heck yeah! If I was in her position I'd bind myself to him too!!!

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  • From luna on February 06, 2007

    intresting and well writen

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  • From satiana on February 05, 2007

    Great start you have to put up another chapter it would be a sin to stop a story like this one.

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  • From Aubrey Solenge on February 04, 2007

    You know, I'm pretty damn sure the rest of the world thinks Alucard is Dracula. Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards you know. Not to mention Integra praticaly tells you right out who he is in the OVA. On a more serious review like note, I am rather fond of your story, and do wish you update soon!

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