Reviews for Sweetness Follows

BY : bitterfig

  • From scymnus on July 03, 2007

    I absolutely love this story. It's beautiful, erotic and romantic. I always love seme Hisoka, and you've portrayed both men so nicely. Tsuzuki is so puppyish. =^.^= My favorite line is when Hisoka says he's not sweet and Tsuzuki's line at the end finishes things nicely.

    I don't know if links are allowed, but there's a livejournal community that you might enjoy. It's called hizuki; just do a search on livejournal and you'll find it. It's seme Hisoka and uke Tsuzuki fanfic, fanart and discussion.

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  • From laustic on March 17, 2007

    wow, that's hot and to tell the truth, I don't like Hisoka being the seme, but this is definitely an exception!

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