Reviews for Denial

BY : hColleen

  • From ANON - ruby red on April 29, 2008

    man I reviewed and read this on aarain as bloody gem and when i saw it here i had to give it another reivew it's still sexy and sad well written and heartbreaking

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  • From KyuubiKit on April 05, 2008

    AWWWWWWWWW.... the ending was so tragically beautiful, lovely but poor little Near ....he needs a plushie or something.

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  • From IceAngel on March 30, 2008

    Oh wow I loved this, and the ending was awesome.

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  • From Gloria B on March 30, 2008

    Aw. Man, that really...that really had the greatest feel to it. At the end, when we realize it was just a dream, a raw half-memory of something that Near thought about when he let himself, it really felt like a time for grieving. tears actually pricked my eyes. See? Near really does feel. Thank you for sharing!


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