Reviews for Renaissance

BY : Rue Ryuuzaki

  • From eternity on July 03, 2008

    nice. good smut with a head trip. head trips always make the smut more intense. nice quotes too. helps to put the mood in perspective. thanks for writing and posting.

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  • From teachmewhatidontknow on May 31, 2008

    I totally agree. I've always pictured Light as the uke...sometinng I think he just needs with his god-complex and all. Awesome story! Any others in the future?

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  • From Tsunoba on April 28, 2008


    There is not enough uke!Kira!Raito in the world. Every time I find seme!L, it has amnesiac!Raito, which is just no FUN.

    So thank you for contributing to my favorite version of this pairing.

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  • From _WM_ on April 22, 2008

    I loved it
    that was very well written and extremely realistic.
    L and Raito are def in a love/hate kind of relationship... (although perhaps it's because they hate each other so much that there is an odd amount of attraction - not love at all)

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  • From spoon on April 21, 2008

    Awesome story. Very believable. I could see this happening in the show. Very hot.

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  • From Enslavement Thesis on April 21, 2008

    That was pretty hot.

    It was nice to see a fic where they don't both fall had over heels with each other randomly for no clear reason and with no rationality. This makes much more sense, and is far more in character.


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  • From IntHellsing on April 21, 2008

    I like the lack of love between them.
    People fuck without having emotion between them all the time in real life, but it almost never happens in fics. It was a very nice change of pace, in my opinion.

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