Reviews for Eyes of Jade

BY : Michael_Barnette

  • From zetsuai2005 on May 09, 2008

    I can't believe no one has reviewed this story yet!! You are one of the finest writers I had had the pleasure of reading and 114 readers before me have opened this story and not a one of them has left a review. Well, we know it isn't because your story isn't appealing and well written. I loved the first chapter, but felt a little uneasy with the direction the second chapter took. I generally like to see Aya and Yohji with _only_ A&Y. But I understood the motivation and the tenderness, the fatalism and poignancy of the need to connect in such a potentially temporary life as they live. I can't get a sense of whether there will be more chapters or not--I thought it could have ended with just the first chapter and been complete, but I also approve of the change in Aya you write when he looks at his two lovers. From being unloved, unlovable and having lost everything, he now has something of value that only his own death can steal from him. But because you have titled this 'Eyes of Jade' and not 'Jade and Agate' I think maybe Yohji is the central and enduring love, that maybe Ken is going away, though not necessarily by death (hooking up with Omi maybe?). I love the way you pace your stories and the dialogue seems so natural. Thanks for sharing this vision with us, and don't let the lack of reviews make you shy away from posting in the anime section on AFF. Your talent is daunting.

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