Reviews for Subjugation

BY : Hellagoddess

  • From Necroface on October 13, 2008

    ... totally needs sequel. XDD

    Light's goes on a power trip from this.

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  • From Amo-Chan on September 08, 2008

    Ok, how is it that everything you write makes me do this...O_O Seriously, it's like you have the ability to clue my eyelids open. This was depressing and sad and somehow...creepily hot. And a part of me was hoping for this magical horror film moment where L suddenly springs back to life and proceedes to kick the living shit out of Light. Oh well, maybe next time XD.

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  • From MiaoShou on September 07, 2008

    Damn, that was depressing! And kind of hot, should I even be admitting that? XD Raito normally thinks ahead pretty well, but he never thought about what life would be like without L, ne? Hard to imagine one of them without the other - which is why I find it so difficult to kill either of them :) Excellent story, you describe his state of mind vividly :)

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  • From Duomi on September 04, 2008

    First, to the second chap-thing: I love that you wrote "YOSH!" at the end of your note to yourself on writing this. It cracked me up!

    (I wore my tentacle arms to the con! With a sign that said "Tentacle-monster half-breed. Have you seen my mommy?")

    Yaaaaayyyyy! You posted it! Thank you!!!

    "His stomach flipped over slowly, like an egg rolling in syrup..."

    Nice description! Odd, but effective. Makes me want eggs. Hmm...

    "Everything had worked out, all he needed was to be able to act through the sheer smugness suffusing his body. It was all up to him now."

    *giggles* That really is what happened to Raito, I bet. Smug bastard. I'm actually impressed how he managed to keep a mildly straight face in the canon instead of whooping in joy and giving a victory dance.

    "He felt God-like in his power, the ultimate trophy of his triumph was here, clasped in his shaking arms. He let out a small chuckle under his breath, resisting the urge to just let it evolve into full-throated laughter."

    Yup, you have to really work to resist the evil-genius laughter-- it's infectious! I think that scene would really worry the detectives if they ran back in. Though not as much as what happens next...!

    I also like how Light gradually goes from, "I won, I can kick him while he's dead and won't be stopped!" to, "Hmm, actually...". Better than him just spontaneously having necrophilia-- it becomes another power trip. Albeit a weird one.

    "He couldn’t stop thinking it, couldn’t stop repeating it over and over. But the fact that L wasn’t there any longer to show his poorly-masked irritation at Raito’s victory abruptly seemed galling."

    Awwww, poor Raito. That's the problem with winning by killing someone-- you can't gloat at them as well.

    "He wiped his hands on one and then, scrunching it up, childishly threw it at L. It bounced off his chest and rolled to the side."

    *nearly choked on sandwich* Raito! *tries to stop more giggles* That's so him. Can't just fuck his mouth, have to follow that up with throwing the tissue at him.

    "His new world would be created with an ease which almost irritated him. When L had been alive, at least there had been something else to think of, some care needed with his ideas and his movements."

    This fic makes me happy~! I love how Raito keeps going through so many different emotions, and keeps getting really pissed at L for being dead-- either because he can't see Raito win, or can't fight against him, etc.. I don't think he thought that move through too well.

    "And for the first time since becoming Kira, an unfamiliar emotion pooled in his chest and Yagami Raito felt regret at his actions."

    Aww....! My eyes actually stung. That I was not expecting! I think he went through most of the stages of acceptance, though-- denial, rage, now regret... Poor Raito. And him asking L to come back. Raito, that would not be a good thing at that point! Zombie!L would be really pissed off at you!

    *laughs* You actually linked the sketch?! Thank you, but oh my. *grins*

    Thank you for dedicating this to me...!!!! I don't think I've ever had a fic dedicated to me. Makes me happy! Now I'm gonna go read your other comments and see if anyone had a heart-attack reading this. Also, I hope your computer arrives to you correctly soon!

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  • From InkHeart17 on September 04, 2008

    Unsettling and satisfying at the same time. I really like the stages of emotion you took Raito through. And for some reason, I adore the "serrated hair" line; very creative adjective to work in for L's messy style.

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  • From ANON - Becky McFuzz on September 02, 2008

    I loved this! Yes, um, necrophilia isn't normally my thing,, the way you did it was really sexy, I thought. Somehow the situation makes some (very fucked up) sense, considering how twisted Light and L's entire relationship is. And I really liked the ending - that whole yearning-for-what-never-was-and-could-never-have-been vibe. Yes, I think that this is really good little fic! Also, I'm glad to see that you have a computer to work with now! That means "Shades" can be updated soon, yes? Yes?!

    PS Have you ever seen the fanart called "Dead Boys Don't Say No" on Deviantart? It's basically the same sort of idea, and a line in your story reminded me of it. If you don't know it, look it up! But somehow I think you know it...

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on September 02, 2008

    that's all I can really say about this

    it's....creepy and it shows how much raito is such a child and what not; the whole scene was distrubing but not sick distrubing

    of course I knew raito had a few screw looses and was obessesive to a t

    still new thing from you and it's not horrible...but a lot of people won't like it :P

    I personally thought it was a good piece of work; it's not shade but it's good overall

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  • From ANON - WM on September 02, 2008

    Oh wow, that was pretty intense.
    But I agree with your theory, Raito def had to have regretted it. =/

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