Reviews for Promise

BY : Evermist

  • From Enslavement Thesis on October 06, 2008

    This is so cute she could die!

    Aw, she liked it. You have a lovely writing style as well.

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  • From hnm on September 22, 2008

    Ok, let me just start by saying that even though this was an AU, you kept them all in character - not an easy task.
    That was the most friggen adorable thing I've read in a long time (even if Mello's mom had to die :( ...sad). It had just enough sap to be enjoyable. I loved the way you made Matt and Mello interact with each other. AND you made Light into a jerk! I absolutely hate that little fucker...Sorry to all the little Kira fangirls but the bastard killed off all my favorite characters!
    btw - I don't think you made Ryuzaki use the third person too much, I tend to do that a lot but mostly just because I think it sounds cute when he does it.

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