Reviews for It Was Never A Love Story

BY : Evermist

  • From Sabaku_lotus on December 04, 2008 you?

    *doesn't know if she should laugh or just moan*

    It's not a bad excuse, it just reminds me of something personal with my bf and his giant sized assed cat (why they named him shorty is beyond me.)

    oh and matt being successor just made my day; it's rare if that happens in a death note fic :B I love the video game boy because he is so much like me (except I have no mello *pouts*)

    Still keep up the good work and at least update something is better than nothing ne? I'm lazy myself in terms of fics....that I haven't finished.

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  • From DarkAngelJudas on December 03, 2008

    Oh L was just mean doing that to Light.*smiles* And yes L shopping is going to be fun.

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on November 21, 2008

    I'll review every chapter like most stories ^_^

    hahaha mas-kun is just...he just makes every story funny. I am curious though if it's going to be a boy or a girl.....

    *laughs at the though of a girl raito with black hair*

    oi...oi......oi....fat....L.....*still laughing*

    but besides that thought that gives me giggles every time I think about it, what will happen when kira comes back? He can't kill L while he is preggers....mmmm....and Misa's going to be PISSED

    .....*shivers at the thought of L fighting misa*

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on November 21, 2008

    you don't suck dammit~!


    *shrug* I am trying to prep you up but maybe that was kinda...stupid? But still this is a good read, different from most 'L get pregu' stories (oh man the sappyness and ooc goodness of kira/raito after he finds out the news in oh so many it's so horrible.)

    Still I hope raito doesn't fight L because I wouldn't be happy at the bastard. (it shows he is much more of a dumbass)

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on November 21, 2008

    ocassionally I read death note love yaoi stories but there are times that I read true to the word 'yaoi' and just want smut.

    That and I am still annoyed at how death note had more plot holes than yummy cheese, sexist, and just generally fucked up that we good authors need to clean it up.

    Still the characters are satisfying which is why I read fiction (and I love L no matter that most of the plot holes come from him, like the whole bombing incident that they NEVER made a story or explain about it...)

    but enough ranting, good beginning but besides maybe matt or mello I have no idea who is explaining this story XD It doesn't seem near

    still I'll keep on reading it because it's smut day, I need a good read, and I still hate how artist get lazy like in the middle of the damn plot (god forgiven if I do the same stupid mistake and forget important stuff like CHARACTER development or plot pick up.)

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  • From KiraRaven on November 18, 2008

    Curiosity kill the cat here hahaha you know I don't really like L and Light as a couple because Raito doesn't deserve L, simple as that, he was a bastard, I hate him, simple as that, I know some blame was on the Death Note, it corrupted his already not so good mind, I pity him in the end but I still hate him. I am saying this first so you can understand how much I love your story, is different and special, you make me want to give the bastard the chance to be a decent person ha ha ha. Hope the name "it was never a love story" is an ironic tittle and that at the end Light will do the right thing and take responsability for his actions!!! Maybe their relationship didn't start as a lovely couple but they fall in love in the middle of the caos that is having a baby :P as many other couples ha ha ha but all depends of what you want to happen in your story. I was thinking over the fact that L was the one pregnant, I think the best gay couples are the ones that have a balanced relationship and they see each other as equals instead of fighting for dominance, in this case that will be difficult but they can make it, anyway in my humble opinion, the only way that I think Light never see that L has a vagina was that from the 3 times they had sex, the first one and the last one, L was on top but the time they were drunk and they don't remember how it happen, that was the time Light was not only on top but... how to say this?... he use the correct orifice ha ha ha not the one he was expecting but if we talk about the correct use of every part of the body he use the correct orifice ha ha ha. Sorry any mistales here, English is not my native language, just want to say that I love your story, please, don't care how long it is going to be, just update soon *puppy eyes*, thanks for sharing!!! bye

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  • From DarkAngelJudas on November 17, 2008

    I really like what I've read so far, can't wait to see what happens next with L being preggy and all. Just thinking of it, just makes me think of how kawaii he's going to look with a round belly.*smiles*

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