Reviews for Nameless Exception

BY : Jeichan

  • From ANON - kareen on August 18, 2009


    well i must say i am quite attatched to this story. it was a bit ocnfusing at first, but then as i understood more, i becasme more attatched.
    when i read the bit about light complaining that L's new objective would be to find the anti-kira instead of suspecting misa, i was like hell yeah thats what should have happened. though i doubt this story is going to end up on a happy note. buut theres no harm in wishing.
    so. i must ask you please, to finish this story. its very good, and youve kept everyone in character, even L, which i find people fuck up way to often.
    please finish it, if not for me than for yourself. you shouldnt star thigns and then not finish them .


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  • From ANON - Aurora Moon on April 29, 2009

    That was very interesting! I enjoyed all the chapters posted here so far.... I'm very curious to see where this goes. =D

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