Reviews for How to calm a frightened kitten

BY : Nin-Kun

  • From ANON - mamita on March 09, 2012

    Hey I liked your fic, and I love the couple, but I would like for once to be the dominate Eiji, which is somewhat below that Momo does not make you less dominant, some are short and sweet as Oishi and are dominant hehe, I want a fic hiceras Eiji / Momo where Eiji who rules, I love when Momo dominate, or someone to tell me to write them on, go on, thanks and kisses.

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  • From Kristofer on March 04, 2010

    Great to see you here again! Really liked this one, nice setting! The smut is over a bit too soon for my taste.
    Can you try to write a bit longer and more graphic for once? That would be interesting!

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