Reviews for Don\'t Mess With Pokeporn


  • From Lunarsilver on November 04, 2017

    Will there be a sequel?

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  • From TheColeTrain on July 07, 2011

    Wow that was crazy

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  • From ANON - penumbra on January 17, 2011

    "string of beads shaped like pokeballs" going...

    "Must have been a cop because there were handcuffs on the headboard" going...

    "I'm the plumber little lady" GOING...

    "Wank me off pokeslut!" GONE!!

    "look what I got mom! it's real!" AND THE CONVERSION!!!

    tres bon! solid grammer the dryest mot british humor yet and a scene that's going to be on a loop for sometime in my head.

    Oh and Misty, sunavabitch almost forgot that one. F'ing hilarious.

    If you continue this one I'm pulling for Jessie's perky ass showing up to pay off "crazy scheme" debts but whatever, you've got it well in hand.

    Five stars man, and I bow down

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  • From ANON - Sky on November 29, 2010

    That, was the funniest porn I ever read. I really can imagine that Dawn would be that innocent and the same for Ash. But Brock, so evil as to be that? Plausable. Totally. Good job writing it and very funny ending. Bravo.

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