Reviews for Pregnant Neko Ace

BY : KISSRockette

  • From Gslinger on December 17, 2011

    Sweet kitty boy sex, so cute! I think all big masculine guys should be force to give birth to at least one baby kitten, before they in- pregnant anyone one else! It might increase their basic sensitivity! And teach compassion for the real mother they make later! AH! LOL the fantasy of it! God are U listening, all those horn dog guys, out there, should be forced give birth to at least one tiny baby kitten! Then if they go on to do wrong later, we can them have spayed or neutered, at the SPCA! There never enough soft fluffy cuddlie kitten to go around, they truly make your day. Female potential wifes should have legal documentation that their selected males, have had the require kitten to show their worthiness for marriage! So, maybe,it might work, we should giving it Chance, but suckling the Kitties is another story, something tells me the guys in question will never be up... for the experence. But LOL there is alway formula! Gslinger

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