Reviews for A New Affair


  • From Dangerous_Zombie on August 18, 2017

    When are you planning to update The Nightclub? I've been really looking forward to it. Please update!! Thank you.

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  • From TypeAlphaAnarchy on August 03, 2016

    I am TypeAlphaAnarchy and I approve of this fanfic.

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  • From TypeAlphaAnarchy on August 02, 2016

    One word: OWNAGE.

    Totally owned this plot, kudos to you brotha.

    That said, I fave Season 1 + 2 since my childhood and I was never fond of Matt or TK, they were off the bat creator's pet from I remember in my youth. Never liked the fact Davis or Tai were treated like the second banana. Thankfully, fanfics makes it all better, thank you for your contribution to make the world a bit brighter.

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  • From Zeroshi12 on January 07, 2016


    Could you do another Davis/Kari fic please? I LOVE Your NTR stuff where they get back at TK. Or even Davis with Mimi or Sora?

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