Reviews for The Vain Rose's Garden

BY : h3nta1fun

  • From il_dodo on February 28, 2019

    Hi! Always delighted to read a new chapter from you ! And the erotism is back. Well,  they deserved it. Even if Keiichi still didn't have anything ;-)

    I see that you'll bring Ansuz in the mix. What will be her relationship with Keiichi : who knows (apart you) ? But I'm hoping some fun scenes like with her arrival on Urd & Belldandy. I like also the development between Hild & her protégée (forgot her name).

    You also start to hint on the speciality of Keiichi concerning godesses which I felt the Manga didn't quite answered. I remember Tyr saying that Keiichi will be special and may become a god at the end of the Manga. But that's all.i felt frustate. So I like that you'll answer to this. Another point is the  we aspect of Urd and her demonic side. I don't remember that was really exploited in the Manga except for an arc.

    then there is  Vornir. I can't wait to see him fall.

    And what will sayoko do to the group?

    See you next time!

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  • From il_dodo on August 31, 2018

    Yes, your release frequency is low, but the quality is much much better than those who has a higher frequency so it is better this way !

    Anyway, the compensation sequence by urd is finished  (more or less). I wonder if Vornir will manage to save his ass this time. There are different clues in his direction and it wasn't a little mistake.

    But I'm more impatient to read about the new Urd, now that her demonic part is more or less free. Will it lessen the goddesses part in the contract with Keiichi?

    I have also a feeling that you're creating a third clan where demons and gods live together with respect. But maybe it's too early to be sure.

    Continue your work. I guess next time, Keiichi and his friends have earned some intimate relief ;-).

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  • From il_dodo on April 08, 2017

    Not a too much improvement chapter but a sexy one. I loved the new interaction between skuld & keichi. I liked urd & gulveig too. But the new skuld is what I appreciate the most. She's no more the capricious kid that I read in the Manga, which was really annoying  (even if true to the story).

    I understand the fact that these two "couples" won't be real one for the moment,  but I can't help and think that there will be more than just sex friends. The fact that you don't jump to this conclusion is good as it shows the complexity to those relationships. Keichi should focus on his 3 girlfriends more and learn about them before going to more complex things.

    I guess Lind will be an obstacle too, like Skuld used to be.

    I'm waiting for more the development of the story and see what the demons have in store !

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  • From il_dodo on February 12, 2017

    Good  chapter again! A little less steamy as the end of both erotic parts ended a little down. The problems just start to arrive. I guess you're still placing the pieces. Which is good : the less Ruch you are , more deep and complex the story is. Just wish that you update more often. But I understand that you also have a life ! Look at me : I am not sure to have reviewed your previous  chapter! 

    Also will Keichi will be used to end in compromise position with girls a lot,  like in To Love Ru? 

    I guess Mara will be part of the harem too! 

    I can't wait to read next chapter! 

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  • From ANON - Il dodo on September 18, 2016

    Hey ! Well, sure it was a little longer than before,  but I thought you were probably in holiday. So it is good for me. :-)

    I like more and more your characters. The interaction between Skuld and her father was really nice. 

    Hild is the same trouble maker. And at the end, "Keichi " manages to do both mothers and kind of did it to Skuld too! Belldandy remains,  but it doesn't seem a too long issue. I never thought that he'll do Skuld or Ansuz. But , why not like that.

    Still, some troubles will appear soon, it seems. I like the interaction between Ansuz, Hild and Tyr, and the fact that they repair the damages. I hope Keichi will have more or less the same. 

    The question now is : what is Skuld doing on Earth ? And what Hild will do to his lieutenant? 

    Continue your good work! 

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  • From ANON - Kalaong on September 16, 2016

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy this fic and hope you continue to update it. It's hard to find lemons that strike a balance between characterization and erotization, especially in older or less-frequented sections like Ah My Goddess. And I'm *really* looking forward to seeing how Bell and Keiichi... "handle" each other after his previous encounters with Peorth and Urd, who are far more forward. I'm hoping for  something sweet and tender while still being intense, especially since you're implying that Urd and/or Peorth are going to be *present* when B&K close escrow.

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  • From ANON - on July 24, 2016

    Well, good chapter again! I really hope that you'll continue this story for a long time. I found very few Ah! My Goddess story and this one is good and seems long.

    There isn't much plot for the moment, but it's the beginning. Do you plan to have plot or will it just a building harem story?

    I like also the deeper interaction between Tyr, Hild and Ansuz. Can't wait to see how Belldandy will join and the reaction of the parents ! ^^

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  • From ANON - Il Dodo on June 05, 2016

    Excellent as the first chapter! I am totally ok with description of others than Keichi : I always thought that it's better to let the author do his story.
    I like the more mature Skuld. In fact, it seems that it's Belldandy that is the less mature here.
    Otherwise, I understood that you publish this story on other websites. Can you tell which one is your main website ?

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  • From ANON - Il Dodo on May 29, 2016

    I want to thank you a lot because stories of "Ah my goddess" are pretty rare here. And this one is really well written. I'm very curious about what happens next. Hope you will continue this story which seems to have good potential!

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