Reviews for Rosario + Vampire: Harem and a Vampire

BY : Roadkill47

  • From saxman66 on August 19, 2018



    Must admit I only know the story from other stuff I've read on the HF site but an interesting one and very much like your take on events. Not sure how you will get the two Moka's in the family but that probably still going to be easy compared to Yukari after her attack on Ruby. Although doubt Tsukune would be sexually interested in her for a few years yet.


    One advantage of that however, which you may have planned, is that it meant Tsukune didn't get the message Yukari originally came to deliver about the Mota's being ordered back to their father, or about the attack that had occurred on them. If he had he might have done something rash to try and help them which could have been dangerous for him and his women at this point.


    As I say I don't know the original anime but the way you explain Mota being split into inner and outer parts, i.e. her role in saving her mother's life and resultant damage and danger of turning into a ghoul. Is that canon or something your added for this story.


    Anyway, great work, enjoyed it a lot and hopefully there will be more please?



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  • From DrunkenScotsman on June 30, 2018

    Interesting chapter. The plot's thickening, clearly, so much so that some moments seemed to have been skimmed over rather than dived into. I don't recall having read earlier drafts of this chapter?

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  • From UnderCoverH on August 27, 2017

    Damn this is as good as the DrunkenScotsman's work and I NEED MORE!!!!

    The OC sister I did not see coming at first I was what the hell happend to Kahula then it dawnd on me that she was a OC xD

    As for Miyabe & Burakku you wanted the reader to hate them and I say you succeded quite well. For me personaly if I had the power and was there... Let's just say they would be crying from joy once I finaly killed them.

    And finaly the MASSIVE curve ball at ch6 with Moka's mother I did not see that coming in a million year's! 

    If you want this damn good story to be seen by reader's that number in the THOUSEND'S I highly recommend checking out RoyalRoadLegends.

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  • From KayWye on November 23, 2016

    Ok, so Just found R+V, and anime in general, and have gone nuts trying to find awesome fanfic for my fav titles. You have an eerily accurate "voice" when you write. your cannon chars are spot on, and your OCs are believable. well done. wish i could get alerts when you update, but im still figuring this site out. lol.

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  • From AnansiScribe on November 07, 2016

    Definitely, and you conveyed it very well, the torment and suffering of all the characters involved in this piece. Things aren't looking particularly good for any of them right now, and reconciliation with Moka will likely have to take a backseat to just surviving against Bitaasu and Issa. Glad you've come back to this, and looking forward to the next chapter.

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  • From AnansiScribe on September 05, 2016

    Well, that was brutal on the heart. Even the threesome with Tsukune, Kurumu, and Mizore didn't take much away from that for long. Sadistic choices, catch-22s, how many other ways to say that everybody loses no matter what choice Tsukune makes. I still really hope that Tsukune and Moka work things out somehow, but given Moka's violent jealousy issues from seeing what became of her father and mother and her mother's co-mistresses, that might not be in the cards. Still looking forward to the next chapters of this story, though.

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  • From ANON - on July 31, 2016

    this is great, shame chapter 4 leaves off on a cliffhanger.

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  • From ANON - on July 25, 2016

    Update soon love it story is great any other site I can see this

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  • From AnansiScribe on July 24, 2016

    Hmm, so you replaced Kahlua? Ok, then. That aside, this was still pretty good. I like how you so far are still staying as true as you can to the characters' personalities and such while allowing for explicit sexy times between them. Glad Miyabi didn't actually rape Mizore, after all, but he certainly did leave her feeling violated, and also glad to see Tsukune beat the shit out of him, albeit with help from Bitaasu riling Miyabi up so he'd get sloppy enough for Tsukune to beat. Gonna be looking forward to the fallout of Tsukune admitting that he does genuinely love all the girls, especially with Moka's strong disdain for harems. And Kokoa has feelings for Tsukune, too? Plot does get thicker, it seems, much like certain parts of the male anatomy. Heh.

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  • From AnansiScribe on July 19, 2016

    Well, that was fun. Still in-character, though, so that's good. Tsukune witnessing Ruby's fantasy firsthand was the most fun part, and the ending of this chapter was quite the heartbreaking cliffhanger. Looking forward to your next chapters.

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  • From AnansiScribe on July 13, 2016

    Not off to a bad start by any means. Heartbreaking as hell, but everyone is for the most part in-character and their actions and reactions are fully understandable. Out of everyone, I'm not surprised Moka would take this the hardest, as she saw firsthand what trying to be with multiple women did to her father's relationships with those women (one of whom being her mother), and that is definitely the not-so-nice side of a harem arrangement. I am hoping she and Tsukune reconcile down the line and Inner Moka realizes that Tsukune is not the same man her father is/was and can be trusted to love her and the other girls equally. Also, as Mizore is my favorite girl in the Rosario+Vampire main cast that isn't Kurumu or Inner Moka, I am really hoping she gets some time with Tsukune, too. Keep up the good work.

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