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BY : spath

  • From ArcDragoon on August 01, 2017

    Hey boss.

    First off, no I don't know what previous worrying community you came from. This is the first piece of your work that I've seen.

    Second, I have currently thoroughly enjoyed this. It is a refreshing take on the story.

    I would like some clarifications though. Are there Fish Men actually fish men? Or are they regular people in a gang called the Fish Men? You've gone over details as to how they all act, but I'm no aware of details describing how they look like. Like, is Arlong still a shark person? I'm asking for context so I can actually imagine faces.

    -Warning spoilers! If you're reading the review before the story skip the rest.-

    Chapter 7, when Sabo first appeared. I honestly first thought it was Sanji wooing Nami. I get it that you were going for some sort of shock factor, but that really rattled me. Especially since it was after a explicit scene. I'm positive that everyone who would be reading this is seeing the characters as they are in the source material. As such clarification on these things would be great before going into details for such an intimate moment. Since, I basically had to backtrack in my mind what happened after I read it already. Honestly, Sabo should've just introduced himself earlier to correct itself for the readers. You're describing characters, but you're also relying on the fact that people have seen enough of the source material to know who and what they look like. Either you can spend more time with character details, or you can just have them introduce themselves earlier.


    Thanks for the read, I do hope you update this story.

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