Reviews for The Perfect Maid of Gremory

BY : animehentaiworks

  • From LUCIFER-X5 on October 07, 2018

    Please Continuation next chapter friend please 

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  • From LUCIFER-X5 on September 09, 2018

    Continuation next chapter please friend 

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  • From LUCIFER-X5 on July 06, 2018

    Friend continuation please 

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  • From LUCIFER-X5 on May 04, 2018

    Continuation please 

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  • From Blaze on April 09, 2018

    Can you do hardcore bondage and orgasm denial on your next chapter? Also keep up the good work...

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  • From Berseker96 on March 09, 2018

    Good chapter bro

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  • From redlox on February 25, 2018

    super random. do you do paid coms or do you just write for the sut fun of it?

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  • From DomM on February 18, 2018


    I'm sorry, but English is not my mother tongue, so I use the Google translator.


    I think you started making too much story. Maybe you better finish those that you already have?

    As for this story, I do not really like it. The idea can easily be used in "revenge". I hope you will update her very soon.

    P.S. About "revenge". Can Lucius in the next chapter restart orgy in school? I just liked this idea.

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  • From Omegalock on February 16, 2018

    This is great. You always come up with great story ideas and I really like this one. That being the case I think you should update stories like Revenge of the incubus and especially the new free use DxD story you started. It’s not a problem for you to come up with a bunch of new stories but since you don’t update them too frequently (at least on the DxD side, not sure about Naruto and the others that you do) it feels like we are left hanging on these stories. Still, you come up with great ideas that we all enjoy! I can’t wait to see more chapters with this, after incubus and free use of course.

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