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26th August 2010


The sixth chapter of Domination! Apologies for the long length between updates.

This is a femdom (woman dominates male) fic. Enjoy.

'This' means someone is thinking.

* * * * means a page break or timeskip, may be a few minutes, may be a few hours...

-X- means a scene change, i.e. We start with Ash in the street, then we go to Domino in her apartment- a scene change from a street to an apartment.

This fic is supposed to be a "Can you top this?" affair- each chapter better (more twisted) than the last.

This chapter contains scenes of shower sex, male/female/female threesomes and lesbian incest. Also there is actual plot development in this chapter!

Disclaimer; I do not own Pokemon or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non profit-i am making no money from this.

Ash Ketchum; roaming Pokemon trainer, Sinnoh champion- only two amongst many accolades- found himself in a position most males would consider extremely appealing; he was in a shower with two hot, naked sisters; one a voluptuous blond, the other a tall, slender redhead, yet all Ash felt at the moment was...

Domino and Mars both slapped him before he could actually define how he felt.

'Time to get to work i guess.'

Slightly dazed, Ash took a large pink sponge (the owner of the apartment seemed to have a dozen sponges all of different colours) covered in soapy suds and gingerly pressed it against the back of the blond woman standing before him. Behind him, Domino's recently revealed sibling wasn't so cautious; Mars (with a flannel cloth) roughly scrubbed Ash's back in an expanding spiral with her right hand while reaching around and twisting and pulling on the male trainers nipples with her dominant right hand.

"We're in a shower for a reason... get to work." The redhead whispered in Ash's ear.

Dom giggled and turned around to face her prey/boyfriend.

'This is gonna be so much fun.'

Playfully she sponged Ash's chest with her left hand while taking Ash's cock into her skilled, firm right hand, bouncing the foam covered member back and forth, up and down. With increasing speed she pumped Ash's cock, stopping once to squeeze painfully tight. She also tugged on Ash's manhood pulling it in various directions stretching him cruelly.

Still holding Ash's cock Domino turned and reached for a bottle of her favorite shampoo Ilex Forest delight, she rubbed Ash's cock against her ass while seeking out the bottle, Mars joined in and added her slender right hand to that of her blond sibling.


Ash gasped as two females simultaneously pumped his cock, stretching his tolerances to the limit. Dom pumped his long shaft while Mars tended to Ash's impressively sized ball sac- rolling it with her thumb and fingers before stopping abruptly to slap the Ketchum boy's firm ass.

"Gah!" Ash was extremely worried by Mars' newly returned interest in his ass- he remembered what had been done to his backside not too long ago...

While Mars held Ash's attention by going to town on his rear, Dom carefully poured small amounts of shampoo into her hair- she rubbed it in looking increasingly ecstatic as the liquid soaked into her golden locks.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, soaking in the sensations.

"Ohh, ooo, sss,yeah! Yess! Mmmm. AHHH!"

Mars stopped lightly punishing Ash's rear and joined him in staring at the girl who sounded like she was having an orgasm from her hair product.

The weird blond stopped and saw the pair staring dumbly at her, she actually looked kind of embarrassed.

"Ah-heh-heh-heh-heh. Ahem. This is really good shampoo."

They continued to stare at her.

Dom shook her head defying the stares.

"Moving on!"

She pulled Ash to her chest so abruptly the teen yelped in shock. She positioned the shampoo bottle above his head and crudely dumped the contents onto Ash's head. She rubbed it into his scalp with both hands quite roughly as it required considerable force to get through his tangled hair. Mars wasn't bothered since she used her own shampoo recently and didn't want it washed out.

"Do you do anything with your hair?" Dom tutted like an annoyed matron as she painfully raked Ash's head.

"I wash it, what else do you want? Agh!" He growled as Dom dug so deep into his scalp Ash thought she might be trying to get to his brains.

"We're going to pretend we didn't hear that, right?"

She looked to Mars who was now nibbling on Ash's shoulder.

"Right." The redhead shoved her fingers into Ash's ears and twisted harshly.


Misty Waterflower; Cerulean City Gym Leader, Water Pokemon expert- only two amongst many accolades- faced an extraordinary challenge- one lesser trainers would have abandoned long ago. The accomplished young woman however strove forwards... though she had yet to get working results in getting her seemingly useless Psyduck to battle effectively. For years now Misty had tried seemingly in vain to make something of the brainless, unreliable Pokemon.

Her latest approach looked promising as Psyduck was currently generating a psychic shield without the nuisance of someone having to bitchslap him around for ten minutes and work up a headache.

'Have i finally done it?'

That was the last coherent thought in Misty's head before the psychic shield exploded sending a wave of unstable psychokinetic energy towards her.

The psychic blast ripped through Misty's mind sending the orange haired girl to her knees in agony as neurons in her head misfired.

Sensations and images overwhelmed her; she was slightly cold, but something warm was touching her. She was- she was in a dark room, and there was a blond woman- or girl- she didn't look much older than Misty- she had never seen before and- she was- naked? She was naked and intimately engaged with the blond female; the stranger's warm, strong hands roamed Misty's body, and her lips and tongue, and she could remember- it felt so good... but there was something wrong, something very wrong...

Before she could bring anything else into focus, it vanished; the pain vanished, but the disturbing images she had seen remained. Leaving Misty Waterflower wondering; 'Why the hell do i not remember making out with a stranger i have never met... who happens to be a hot blond... and a... girl?'

She banged her knuckles against her skull as though her fists could force the images of unexplained sapphic lovemaking from her mind.

'Oh please let this be a dream i had, brought on by hanging around efeminate guys and gender confused people.'


Dom lowered herself to her knees and began rubbing her soapy sponge over Ash's stomach and under his ball sac. Ash shuddered and hissed as almost scalding hot water was pressed against his testicles- it got worse when Dom used the sponge to squeeze and rub his balls painfully.

Dom grabbed Ash's cock with one hand and began working him off, while her other hand busied itself cleaning Ash's stomach and chest, Dom's strong hand pumped up and down Ash's impressively sized cock, first straight up and down then twisting around putting considerable friction against Ash's member.

Shocked, Ash reacted without thinking, sending powerful thrusts into Dom's palm violently pushing against her hand as though masochistic. The redhead watching was actually surprised at the response and took action;

"Help her out, massage her scalp to rub in her shampoo." She spoke into his recently cleaned out ear.

Mars crouched behind Ash, she licked her lips hungrily looking at Ash's ass.


She could be patient. She tore her gaze off the buns of steel and began soaping his thighs and legs.

An expert of the art of the handjob, Dom serviced Ash's cock, continuing to pump it up and down, she released certain fingers from her patented deathgrip then returned them with force. In a random pattern she would do this playing Ash's shaft like an obscene keyboard.

Just when it looked like he was about to lose it, Dom put a finger on a vein on Ash's cock stopping him from releasing.

Mars took hold of Ash's wrists and harshly pulled his arms behind his back. Dom sprang back to her feet and stepped back, still holding his cock in her hand. She reached into a waterproof bag for something...

"Aaaaahhhh!" Ash cried out in shock at the familiar pain caused by his depraved blond nemesis wrapping and securing a thick, black rubber strap painfully tight around the base of his cock. With it secured and unyielding Ash couldn't cum.

'Is that the same strap as the one she used at the first meeting?' He struggled the thoughts through the gripping, crushing pain.

With a superior smirk on her face Dom handed Ash a bar of soap.

"Attend to my front, while i attend to yours."

Ash glanced from the blond to the black strap strangling his cock, and back. He knew she wouldn't take the accursed strap off until... she got what she wanted. He nodded and moved to obey- crudely sponging and rubbing Dom's chest and stomach while she- oddly more gently attended to his chest and stomach. Ash winced in pain as hot water dripped onto his cruelly bound member.

"Don't be so crude." Domino criticised his cleaning technique. Ash adjusted himself.

Ash placed his hands on her well endowed chest, he rubbed one of her large breasts with his sponge, and the other using a bar of soap in his bare hand by Domino's instruction. As he rubbed both breasts he found himself mesmerised by how soft they were and how they moulded themselves to his touch, reacting to him. Dom saw his staring, her breasts were a pride of hers.

"Better. Do that for both of us." Mars butted in.

Ash rubbed Dom's unusually- but not ridiculously large breasts with one hand and Mars' well-formed but average sized chest with the other, sponges in both hands. The girls held and scrubbed Ash's strong arms each.

'Why are they letting me do this?' He couldn't help but think these two were... just weird.

Looking at him from behind a curtain of wet hair, Dom took Ash by the hand and guided his arm down between her legs, Mars did the same.

Ash looked back and forth frantically from the blond to the redhead as he truly realised that he was totally naked, cockstrapped and rubbing two seriously hot girls between their legs...


"E-very chan-ges, chan-ges..." Dawn Aurore sang horribly off key. 'I love showers.' Little did the coordinator know she wasn't the only person having fun in a shower.

She slid a cloth between her legs and hissed in pain. Frowning in confusion, she gingerly touched the vaginal opening. It looked and felt bruised.

'How did that happen? I haven't had an accident recently and i never used that vibrator Zoey got me.'

She still couldn't believe the tomboyish rival coordinator gave her such a thing. The confused and slightly frightened coordinator stood in the hot shower pondering her discovery...


Domino bent over and took Ash's cock from behind while she rubbed her sisters back, Ash took advantage of the situation and pumped Dom violently, sending wet, blonde hair flying everywhere, Mars turned her head and smirked at Ash's aggression her red eyes glimmering evilly.

Using his powerful arms Ash began driving Dom back and forth speared ruthlessly on his cock, he imagined tearing the evil, crazy bitch like paper, the savage image made him smile with uncharacteristic evilness.

His dark resolve shattered and his mind froze as Mars turned around, kneeled, and offered her breast to the bent over blond he had been drilling- who licked and kissed it passionately.

'D- did they just...?'

All Ash could do was stand and stare stupidly as Mars kissed and nuzzled her sister while her hand reached down below and played with herself.

Abruptly Mars broke off and sashayed behind Ash- his gaze followed her, stunned beyond rational thought even as the red haired girl's hands took hold of his shoulders.

A slack jawed Ash leaned against the shower wall obediently cleaning himself as he watched (in awe) Dom and Mars go at each other under the running shower head;

He gulped as Mars' not yet pruned hands handled Dom's glistening breasts; digging in with fingernails, squeezing, pulling, bouncing them while Dom ran her hands all over her sisters body in response.

'I never thought...'

The astonished trainer blinked repeatedly never imagining anything like this when the sisters moved in to kiss.

The passionate, lesbian incest soon left Ash lightheaded, nearly faint when Dom pressed herself against him and began gyrating against him- moving her firm ass against his body teasingly.

Dom locked eyes with her sibling. Violet against crimson.

"Remember these moves? From that dancer we snuck in to see that time in Viridian City"

Ash didn't know what they were talking about and didn't care, he leaned forward eagerly over Dom's shoulder wanting a better look as Mars knelt in front of the blond to lick and suck her lower regions.

Dom took hold of her tits pressing on them, jiggling them suggestively above her servicing sibling as she moved more aggressively against Ash and his still strapped and pulsating cock. She gasped in ecstasy as her beloved sister and boyfriend (in her mind anyway) pleasured her simultaneously.

Mars stopped and stepped away from Domino. Ash's eyes followed her wondering what was next...

Ash gasped- almost screamed as without warning, the blond writhing against him bent over almost contortionist like and took most of his cock into her mouth, sucking him off with her head upside down. The impossible take on fellatio caught him off guard as Dom sucked him off sniffing as drops of water got up her nose. Ash's hands went down to rub Dom from her neck to thread his fingers through her hair as she continued her extraordinary take on fellatio.

Dom sprung back up, to nuzzle against Ash face to face- possibly because of water getting up her nose- she sneezed once.

"Bless you." Ash said, not knowing why.

"He's a real gentleman, sis." Mars was amused and a little impressed at the male.

Snapping back up to a standing position she spun around, wrapped her arms around the startled male and passionately French kissed Ash, the scented, wet hair in the way no barrier for them.

Ash sat his tired, overused body down on the tiled shower floor. Gently Dom seated herself on his cock.

Beginning slowly, she pumped herself up and down on Ash's cock, her eyes closed. Faster and faster till the slapping noise and the cries from the pair became near deafening, after a full minute of this torture to Ash's strapped cock she removed herself from the males traumatised cock, stood up and exited the shower.

"You look a little uncomfortable. Let me help."

With no warning Dom unfastened and ripped the cock strap away from Ash's cock, the trainer cried out as he ejaculated into thin air.

Dom watched the perverse spectacle, swinging the strap around victoriously as the fountain of cum hit the shower floor and flowed down the drain.

Mars lay on her back being pressed down onto the hard, tiled floor of the shower by the resurgent Ash who now drove into her fucking her hard as Domino sat at her siblings head- her legs spread around the red haired girls head.

Mars was amazed that Ash still had the energy to continue; not only that but his thrusting was as hard as when he pumped Domino; so hard it felt like he was trying to split her down the middle.

Domino bent forwards to rub Mars' belly and stick her fingers into her folds to join Ash's invading cock. The redhead fondled her own tits while her sister explored her insides with her fingers. Showing what Ash would consider "uncharacteristic affection" the two girls shared an upside down kiss fuelled by joy at having a male subject that could keep up with them. He was like an answer to their prayers- if either of them prayed.


Moving on, Dom aggressively (what else) played with Mars' tits- her hands all over her her sisters slender body. She sucked and licked the redheads cleavage. Mars went lower, trailing downwards with touches and kisses from her chest to her stomach to her crotch. There she explored between her sisters legs, her slender fingers poking, pressing and rubbing her sisters sweet spot.


Dom adopted a pseudo missionary over Mars- the blond kissed her currently submissive sibling while Ash powerfully fucked his blackmailer from behind.

Dom lay on her back, looking up at Ash smiling as he pumped back and forth into her while mauling her breasts roughly.

Mars kneeled between the pair, caressing their faces, lust reflecting in the threesomes eyes with no sign of relenting.

While Ash thrusted into Dom- Mars stepped over her blond sibling and grabbed the male trainer's head pulling it into position between her long legs.

"Lick." Ash obeyed while Dom looked up into the space between the redheads legs.

Ash stared up in fear. 'How much longer can this go on?'

Ash lay on the floor barely moving as Domino rode him cowgirl style. From his exhausted position he couldn't see Mars behind his blond rider playing with her ass until the seemingly inexhaustible blond changed to a squat position and began bouncing up and down. Ash was sure she was going to keep this up until she killed him- or at least broke his pelvis.

Getting his second wind Ash sat up, reached around Dom's waist grabbing the blonds ass and squeezing hard. Dom responded to this in pleasure while Mars watched grinning.

From there it got even more violent...


Brock couldn't remember when he'd seen so many attractive women in one place before; a brunette clad in a blue swimsuit, a breathtaking outfit that showcased a truly magnificent ass, huge perfectly formed breasts confidently stuck out, a waist clenched into an hourglass figure he only saw on fitness models, those long legs... all displayed in that powerful stance, that confident and graceful walk...

Just as he was about to run over to the total stranger and profess undying love and devotion he saw a blond brush past him in the tightest jeans he'd ever seen. 'Mmm, that ass looks good in those jeans.'

He turned face front again and saw a brunette who was beautiful despite wearing an unflattering beige coloured... tent. The outfit did nothing to take away the beauty of her glittering green eyes, graceful facial features...

He was knocked out of his analysis by a tall, long legged girl wearing a loose fitting cotton top that made her perfectly formed breasts look soft and inviting while leaving very little to the imagination...

'Damn it i'm lonely...'

Hours had passed since the siblings known to the world as Domino, The Black Tulip and Mars, the dutiful Team Galactic member had shared the pleasures of Ash Ketchum...

The setting sun bathed the world in an orange glow, birds still chirped cheerfully and people went about their business in the city.

As the sun set on the horizon the siblings Domino and Mars regarded one another, standing face to face both sad to be parting but eager to move on to other things planned.

Dom spoke first; "Sis, good luck."

Mars smirked and looked back at her confidently, full of purpose. "Well, i have Team Galactic business to attend to, it was nice seeing you again, and... very, very nice meeting your latest conquest, try not to break him like the others."

"And you, good look with that thing your boss was planning."

They hugged like a normal pair of siblings would, the contact seemed to freeze them in time for a moment. But moments pass, they separated to go their own ways.

After watching her sister disappear over the horizon Dom sighed hugged herself and walked back to her apartment. 'At least i have Ash to keep me company.'

Already dreaming even more vile, depraved, fun things to do with Ash ketchum, she didn't notice someone following behind her.

As the Black Tulip walked away, Misty Waterflower followed her from a safe distance...



Ash bolted awake. Looking around in panic he realised he was back at his apartment he occupied for the Master League tournament. "Uggh! Those two... crazy people must have dragged me here... oh hell! No one saw them drag me in here did they?"

As though on cue the door opened and Brock- aspiring Pokemon breeder appeared in the doorway. A strange look was on the Pewter city natives face. The two stared at each other a moment, then Brock began striding menacingly toward Ash with an expression he recognised... as questioning.

'Oh no! he knows! He saw them! He probably wants their damn number!'

"Ash?" Brock asked. Ash braced himself for the worst. Brock will ask why a league representative is personally interested in me, then Misty and the others will get involved, then...'

"Why do you smell of perfume?"

"?" Ash sniffed himself.

"Miss Azalea's 'Scent of a beautiful woman' i believe."

Ash grimaced as he realised Domino and Mars must have sprayed him with their girly perfume after he passed out. ..

'Oh those sick, twisted...'

END PART 6- wet and wild

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