Part Of You

BY : KISSRockette
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Alice sat on the desk watching the stars. She missed that one special person who used to control her. It felt...good. He always made her feel happy. She got up and went into the house. She heard a noise from the basement and went to check it out. She grabbed a black policmans flashlight and held it like a knife. She went to push open the door. Someone pushed it from teh other side. Alice brought down her weapon and hit them. She heard a tumbling down the stairs. She looked and gasped It was Masquerade.
"That hurt."
"I'm sorry. I thought you were a criminal." Alice said as she wiped the blood from his forehead. She helped him up and into the living room.
"Do I look like one?"
"I'm sorry."
He smiled. She cracked his glasses when she hit him.
"Don't worry about it. I came to see you."
He held up the transporter card he used to use.
"I can still use this."
She looked and dipped the cloth back into the red water.
"Just put a little pressure on that wound. I'll go and get the bandages."
He nodded. The door opened an Michael stepped through.
"Do I look green?"
Alice stepped back into the room.
"Grandfather, be nice."
Masquerade looked from Alice to her grandfather then back to Alice. He pointed at Michael and said, "That's not Hal-G?"
Alice laughed while Michael fumed.
"Grandfather, I'm going to go make up the extra bedroom for Masquerade?"
"I'd rather him stay in the basement."
"Can I sleep in yoru room Alice? I don't I want stuff falling on me if your grandfather walks."
Alice's heart sped up.
"Yes." Alice said quickly. She took ahold of his hand and dragged him to her room. Once there, she pulled out the cot.
"I'll make this up really quick." She said as she went to pass him. He grabbed her, pulled her in for a kiss, their lips meeting. Her eyes widened, not expecting suc a rash thing to come from someone like Masquerade. Her breath heated as she opened her mouth, allowing his tongue, and hands, to explore her body and mouth. His tonge snaked in, feeling around for hers. His hands roaming her body. They broke apart for some much needed air.
"M-Masquerade." She said, panting, trying to catch her breath.
"Shh." He put a finger to her lips, then to his. Their hands slowly taken off each other's clothes. They fell back on the bed.
"Why did you come back?"
"I love you, I miss you, and I'm part of you."
She smiled. His hand slid over her breasts, causing her nipples to hardened. He bent his head to lick them, massaging her sides. She moaned as a completely different feeling rendered her body. His other hand slipped into her panties. She bucked her hips at the touch. Spreading her legs to teh side, knees bent, she moved her head so taht she was looking at her door, ebarrassed to watch what he was doing. She closed her eyes in pleasure. His fingers entered, thrusting in and out, bringing her close to her orgasm. He pulled them out.
"Why, why did you stop?"
"I don't want you to cum yet." He said with a smirk. She opened one eye as he positioned himself over her. He pulled off her panties, and started to insert his dick into her pussy. Tears filled her eyes as a stinging sensation burned inside her. They fell down her face as he went all the way. Masquerade leaned in to turn her head and kiss her.
"I'm not moving until your comfortable."
She looked at him, smiled, and nodded.
"I'm taking that as a yes." He said, as he slowly started to thrust. Alice felt her walls shiver around his cock.
He's big!
She brought her hands up to rest beside her head. Her body moving with his, her breasts moving with his thrusts. She arched her back off the bed, feeling her climax sneaking up.
"I-I'm gonna cum!" She said.
"Then do it." He said in reply. She maned feeling herself getting wetter and more horny. He laid his body on hers, kissing her, she wrapped her arms around his body, tilting her head slightly for him. He dipped his head into her neck and kissed, nipped, sucked, and licked. Their bodies became wet and slick with sweat. He pushed himself up.
"I'm going to cum!" He said, shaking. Her eyes widened as she felt hot liquid fill her up. He pulled out and fell down next to her, they held hands as they calmed down from their highs
Michael opened the door to see them curled under the blankets.
Damn that boy!

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