The New Shun

BY : cherylgebo
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Shun Kazami was 18 years old, and a hermaphrodite. He now had the choice to either be a male, or female. Daniel Kuso, Shun's boyfriend, sat right next to him, holding his hand.
"I don't know Dan, I like having the double pleasure, but it hurts when I orgasm from both genders."
"If it hurts then don't"
"I kinda can't help it."
They were looking at the papers that the hospital gave them for Shun's decision. They still haven't told their friends that they were dating. They didn't dare. Not with Julie and Runo's temper, Alice on the other hand, she knew. Even if she did like Shun, she told him as long as he was happy, she was too.
Dan's hand snaked down Shun's pants. He breathed hard.
"D-Dan!" Shun leaned forward as Dan got off the chair and took Shun out.
He encircled him with his mouth, dragging his teeth up and down Shun's shaft, allowing his tongue to flicker over Shun's female opening. Shun looked at the table for something to grab at, there was nothing there. Shun dragged his nails across the table and left marks in the wood. He panted, getting very close to a female orgasm, thanks to Dan's fingers. Shun leaned back in his seat and brought his legs up on the table. He knew that they could get caught by Dans parents. His mother, after was just in the living room, doing yoga. Shun sometimes did it with her. Thanks to yoga, he could get his legs way past his head.
Shun moaned as he came, squirting Dan in the neck. Dan used the liquid to prep Shun. Slipping a finger inside, Shun squirmed. He looked into the living room, he could see Dan's mother perfect, He knew that the disk she had in would keep her back to them, but he didn't know if he could keep quiet enough. Dan's parents knew about Shun and Dan. So didn't his grandfather. They accepted their boys just the way they are. Even a old coot like Shun's grandfather thanked him for telling him his grandsons sexual orientation. Shun clapped a hand over his mouth as he came in Dan's mouth. Dan drank greedily, lapping up what he didn't get the first time.
The heat in his pants quickly felt like he was on fire. He quickly released himself of the restricting pants and positioned him and Shun. Shun was pretty much still on the chair, but he was on his shoulders, he legs touch the back of the chair. Dan looked down to make sure that Shun was okay with this. Shun nodded his head and braced himself for the quick second of pain he was about to endure. Shun squeezed his eyes shut as Dan entered. Shun grabbed the bars that were on the chair and moaned. Just the idea of having sex with his boyfriend made him more horny than he could imagine.
Shun's eyes rolled up into his head and pleasure quickly took over. Dan took the vibrator that was in his pocket and inserted it into his boyfriends vagina. Shun quickly covered his mouth to stop the scream from escaping. He felt orgasm after orgasm. Liquid running down his stomach and dripping on his face. Shun moved his body so that he was balanced on his hands on the chair, head faceing Dans legs, yet again, thanks to yoga for the flexibility. Shun drooled as Dan hit his prostate dead on. Shun screamed as he came, causing Daniel's mother to turn around.
"Oh honey, don't arch your back too much! You'll pull quite the muscle. Dan, why is his pants down?"
"Because a spider crawled up in them."
"Oh I would scream to if I had one of those creepy crawlies on me. Yick!" She turned back around and Shun let the tears fall from his face, the pleasure was still going strong for him. Dan's mother believed Dan when he said that Shun had a spider down his pants and that he was doing yoga.
Dan helped Shun get back together and they went up to his room to finish. Dan pulled Shun down on the bed as Shun climbed on top, with the vibrator still in him, he lowered himself down on Dan's swollen member and rocked his hips. Shun leaned forward until he was laying on Dan. Dan took his hand and, thanks to the fact that Shun was still gaping from the sex in the kitchen, he inserted his fingers in in no time. Shun gave out a scream and picked up the pace, he quickly sat up, coming from both genders. The he screamed in pain. Dan rammed Shun until he came. Both boys laid there calming down from their highs.
Shun sat on the bed still thinking about what to do about his gender. Dan went online to see if there was any docters nearby that would take a boy in. So far, any of them that he has called asked if Shun was a female with a penis. When Dan told them all that Shun had the whole works, just a vagina, they would hang up. Finally, Dan found a doctor in the United States. Her name was Dr. Hasha.

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