My Daughter

BY : KISSRockette
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Shun Kazami watched from across the road as they packed up the truck for the twelve year old girl he knew. Cecili Bishop moved to his town two years ago, now, they were moving her out. Her parents were murdered by a fire, her father running with her in his arms to get her out. The state soon came, very shortly after, and brought her to Japan Town. Shun wondered if this was his fault. They were so young, was that the reason? He watched as she bent over and vomited.
She’s so nervous, she’s throwing up!
He didn’t move. He felt tears fall down his face as he watched her climb into the car.
Cecili looked at the young boy sitting on the grass. She sadly waved to him as he waved back. They never knew what the future was gonna bring.
Shun whipped around and caught his friends foot in the air. Gus Grav tried to get his foot out, but fell to the ground with the black haired boy hanging onto him.
“SHUN KAZAMI!” Came the call from their boxing instructor. Shun let go of Gus and walked to the bleachers where he grabbed his water and took a sip.
The boys made their way to the locker room, chatting.
“So, Shun, have you heard from Cecili?” Daniel Kuso asked his best friend.
“No. Dude, I haven’t heard from her in years.”
“You’re the one that banged her.”
“And that’s probably why they took her out of Japan Town.” Shun said, opening his locker and changing out of his gym clothes. He changed into a black tee, with a v-neck, a pair of blue jeans, and white and red sneakers. He grabbed the green hair tie and tied his shoulder length hair back. He looked over at Dan.
“I’ll never see her again.”
Dan looked at him while putting on his red tank top. Shun sighed as he pushed aside his bangs, and picked up his bag, and headed to his math class. He remembered how that night went, how curious they were. How much he loved her now, and how much he loved her then, was a huge difference. There was no other girl he wanted.
Shun sat at his usual desk in the back, and folded his arms. He thought about her for a while, before the teacher came in.
“Let’s go kids, we got a chapter of fractions to cover today and we only have two hours.” She said, closing the door behind her.
Shun grabbed his book, and endured the two hours of math.
Cecili unpacked her clothes. She had moved back to Japan Town in the same home she lived in before.
“Mommy!” Came the cry of a young child. Cecili smiled and looked at her daughter.
“What’s the matter hun?”
“There’s a spider in my room mama!”
Cecili got up, and grabbed a sneaker.
“Where, Mommy will kill that mean old spider!” She said. Her daughter took her across the hall and showed her a rather large spider. Cecili through her shoe and killed it. She cleaned up the mess and helped her baby unpack.
“Mommy, will you and I go to the same school?”
“No honey, you’re going to Nursery school, I have High school I have to go to.”
“What is it Rachel?”
“When will I see my daddy?”
Cecili stopped. The blacked haired boy popped into her mind.
“Soon baby. Soon.”

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