I'll Heal Your Wounds

BY : KISSRockette
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Hydron winced as his father yelled at him. This was the fifth time today.
“YOU CAN’T DO A THING RIGHT! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME YOUR SON!” He yelled as he backhanded his son. Hydron let out a scream and held his face. The maid and butler saw it, but didn’t do a thing to stop the abuse. Hydron felt another hit to his back, knocking him down.
“Father! Stop!” He begged, he curled into a ball and was left.
“Come child.” The maid said, grabbing her basket that secretly held bandages. She wrapped his back yet again. Ever since Hydron got whipped, every time he was hit, he start to bleed again. After, Hydron put on his shirt, he quickly left, tears falling down his face.

“That boy. He don’t know what’s good for him!” King Zenoheld said, pounding his fists off of the table. Mylene Pharaoh, Keith Clay, Ace Grit, Gus Grav, Shadow Prove, and Lync Volan all winced. They had been called to exterminate the boy. They looked at each other scared. Mylene felt sorry for him. She remembered the cave that she, Shadow, Hydron, Lync, and Volt hid in when Hydron had thought they were sent to another dimension. She could hide him there. None of them wanted to kill him. They felt horrible that he was being beaten everyday by his own father. They stood up from their kneeling position and looked at each other before splitting up to look for him. They had agreed silently to help him.

Hydron sat on his bed in his room, his shirt off, picking at the stitches that had broken loose again. Tears streamed down his face as he remembered when this first started. How hard his father beat him day after day. How much blood he lost from the beatens. It started with him not being able to get Drago for his father. Nothing he did would please him. Not even the beatings did. He felt hot tears slide down his face as someone touched him. A gentle hand. He looked back, to see it was only Mylene.
“M-Mylene?” He asked, standing up and wiping his tears.
“Hydron, you have to go into hiding!” She begged him again. He looked at her.
“If I do, he’ll only find me, and the beatings will get worse!”
“HYDRON!” She screamed, feeling tears slide down her own face, “Remember that cave we hid in? You can hide there!”
Hydron looked at her again, this time, giving it a thought.
“Fine.” He said. She took him by the hand to Keith, who cuffed him, yanking him, pretending to his father that they really were gonna kill him. The king watched from his room as they dragged him behind a very large rock, and as blood splattered all over. He laughed and turned around, leaving his room.

Ace Grit held the gun that killed the sickly animal as Shadow Prove bagged it up, making it seem like it was Hydron. Keith and Mylene kept watch for anyone until dark. Gus and Lync were at the cave, getting it ready to live in. As night fell, Ace and Shadow buried the animals body as Keith, Hydron, and Mylene took off running towards the cave. When they arrived, Hydron saw that Baron Letloy was also there. Hydron stepped away, knowing Baron liked to clap people on the back when he sees them. To his surprise Baron just smiled.
“I ain’t stupid Hydron. I know you have stitches on your back”
Hydron looked at them all.
“Dude,” Ace said, putting his hands in his pocket, “People in the town can hear how loud you were screaming from your father beating you. Everyone in Vestal knows! Including Shun and Dan!” He said. Hydron couldn’t believe that after everything he had done to them, they were helping him. Volt Luster stepped out of the cave.
“It’s ready Hydron.” He said. Hydron nodded as they all watched him begin his hiding ways.
Mylene clutched her hand to her breast, knowing that he could never return to his own home.

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