College Fun

BY : KISSRockette
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After being thrown for the third time, Daniel Kuso decided that it was time to give up on picking on the new girl at school. He slowly got up, glaring at Keith and Shun.
"Thanks for the catch guys!" He growled.
"Hey, I ain't stupid enough to get a Neathian angry." Keith said, a Vestal boy in his senior year of college.
"She won't throw me, I'll land on my feet." Shun said, a boy in his junior year of college. Dan glared at them. He brushed himself off while the teacher just stared. Even she didn't dare say anything to the Neathian. They all watched as the blue haired college freshman walked out of the room, mumbling. Dan felt his stomach become jumbled. He followed her out.
"He ain't gonna learn." Keith said. Shun nodded his head.
Dan chased her down.
"FABIA!" He yelled. The girl turned around, ready to throw again.
"Leave me alone Dan!" She said. Dan grabbed her arm, this time blocking the notion to be thrown. Fabia looked at him. She saw that he was serious. She turned her body a bit more, only to have him grab her behind her head, and force her lips to his. She was shocked by the kiss, but returned it.
They separated. Fabia could still taste him on her lips as she looked up at him, leaning in for another kiss. They held onto each other, never knowing that as much as they fight, they would be feeling for each other.
Dan held her waist as he brought the kiss down into the crook of her neck.
"Let's go to a empty room." He said. She could hear lust in his voice as her arms wrapped around his neck. She felt him pick her up, cradling her. She leaned her head against him. He opened a room in the school that was rarely ever used. Being in college, now it seemed fun to her.
Is this how all college girls are treated? Sexually?
Fabia didn't mind, she actually wanted it. Wanted the boy that she was always beating up. She kissed him again when he went to sit her down. She unwrapped her legs from his body. Her hair fell over her eyes as his hands wandered her body, memorizing every curve.
"You got as many curves as a racecar track Fabia." He said, making her giggle.
She looked up into his eyes as he leaned in to kiss her again. His hands found the bottom of her shirt, and dragged it up over her breasts. She gasped as one of his fingers circled her nipple. She felt his tongue around the other. After looking over at the door to make sure it was locked, Fabia begun to pant, and moan. She let her hand travel down to her jeans. Dan watched, smiling as he continued his torture on her breasts. She slipped her hand under her jeans, and over her panties. While she rubbed, Dan's hand slipped into jeans. They kissed yet again, this time, Dan had reached down and undone her pants for her. After helping her wiggle out of them, she started to moan. Her fingers were working endlessly at her clit. Dan watched as heated breath arised from her body.
She's so hot, you can see her breathe!
As she rub quickly at herself, Dan helped her take off her panties, leaving it up to her to do what she pleased. She brought her legs up, and spread them wide as he watched between them. Taking himself out, he begun to stroke, and watching her flick her clit back and forth was a real turn on for him.
She thrusted her fingers into her hole, and out again. Dan watched, slightly groaning. For each time she sped up or slowed down, he did the same.
He finally moved her fingers out of the way, and thrusted into her heat. She cried out, reaching down with her hands and grabbing his to interlock their fingers and to watch as he thrust.
She couldn't stop herself from crying out. The pleasure was just racking up her body. Fabia couldn't bear it no more, she had to let loose.
Dan watched in awe as she arched her back, moaned out his name, and did everything she could to show that she was receiving such pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked into his. He could see tears forming, but not falling down her face. She then took her hand away and begun to play with her clit again. He watched as she rubbed her hand in little circles around it.
"Fabia..." He shut his eyes, then opened them to see her in time for her climax. Her face was showing everything. Her hand stopped, and a finger on each side of her clit pressed down, revealing her hardened love button.
Dan looked at it, and used his thumb to bring her to a shaking orgasm. Finally, Dan tensed up, hoping that this was it. He pulled out, and stroked himself as he moved around to her face. She opened her mouth as he jerked off by it. Grabbing her hair in the front, he came into her mouth, and over her nose and chin.
Looking down at her, Fabia was smiling. So wasn't Dan. They both laughed as they got themselves cleaned up and put back together. They left the room, hand in hand.

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