Down Time With My Brother

BY : KISSRockette
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Dan laughed at the double colored haired boy as he made fun of their High School teacher, Mrs. Bracket. Drago rolled up a piece of paper, and throw it, hoping to hit the teacher. It didn't. It hit the blonde senior up front. Keith turned around and glared at him. Dan laughed.
"Drago, try having better aim."
"If I want to keep my health in check I might wanna improve it."
Both laughed as the bell rang. Everyone got up, grabbed their bags, and left. As Dan and Drago walked home, Drago complained.
"I'm horny!" He whined.
Dan laughed. He usually did when Drago whined. But he was horny too, but he had the brains to not tell Drago.
After they got home, the brothers made their way up the stairs towards their room. Being twins ain't easy for them, not when everyone kept saying that Drago was some kind of mythical creature called Bakugan. The truth was, they did have the blood in them, but, that never stopped them from living normal lives.
Drago chucked his bag to the other side of the room, while Dan set his down.
"Your crazy!" He said. Drago laughed.
"Oh come on!" He said, sitting at their computer, and begin to check his accounts. Dan sat on the bed, and grabbed his sketchpad, wanting to finished the picture of their mother he started.
As he was drawing the roses, Drago told him a email he got.
"Dude, I got one of those chain letters."
"What does it say." Dan said, not bothering to even put a tone for asking in it.
"Says that I have to have sex with a family member, or this will cause me to die in two days. Dude I don't want to die!"
"Drago! It's a chain letter!" Dan exclaimed.
Drago looked at Dan as if he was gonna cry. Dan looked back.
"OH FINE!" He yelled, "Just to shut you up!"
Drago looked upset, so Dan put away his sketchpad, and walked over to his brother, and sat on his lap.
Drago's arms went around his waist.
"Got ya!"
Dan looked at the screen.
Drago laughed as he forced his younger brother to kiss him. Dan was more shocked then anything to stop him. As their lips met, their tongues explored, or so Drago's did, Dan's slightly did.
He felt heat becoming restricted in his pants. Dan didn't know what to do to make his brother stop. Not like he wanted him to, he did. He never knew this was how his brother felt about him. If not, at least he got to fuck him.
"D-Drago, this is something we shouldn't be doing! We're brothers!"
"Maybe so Dan, but I don't care. I may have tricked you, but it ain't really a trick in my heart.'"
Dan knew. He knew that Drago loved him more then a brother. He took his brother's head in his hands, and leaned down for a kiss.
Their lips felt hot as they kissed. Hot and wet. They kissed roughly, and softly, kissing to what their bodies were craving at the moment as Drago had reached down, and undid his brothers pants, while he undid his. They both stroked each others dicks, kissing with their tongues as they begun to sweat.
Jerking each other off would probably be enough for them, besides, their mother was home, and if she heard moaning, or screaming, she would investigate.
The song Encore had come up on the radio, allowing the two boys to lean into each other, and stroke to the beat.
They grinded against each other, enjoying the feeling until Dan moved closer, placing his dick against his brothers, and pressed against him.
Grinding and sweating, Daniel looked at his older brother as his eyes widened and his face blushed.
"Daniel?" Drago asked, feeling the same feeling.
"Nissan!" Dan cried out leaning forward as he came.
Drago felt the hot sticky fluid between their bodies, and looked down in time to moan out himself, as he came. Dan watched as ropes of it landed on their chests.
They kissed yet again. Glad that they were with each other when they did this.
"Can we do it again?" Dan asked, laying his head on Dragoss shoulder.
"Not with out mother around." He said, wrapping his arms as their mother tried to get into the locked bedroom.

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