Drago, You'll Be A Good Father

BY : KISSRockette
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Wavern walked around. She knew, because her and Drago mated in a human type form, they would have to go back to earth, and live for a while. She hadn't told Drago why, or the big news. She hadn't told him that she was pregnant. She looked to see that Drago had opened the portal.
"I don't see why we gotta leave New Vestroia!" Drago said, holding Wavern's hand as they went through, turning into ball form.
"A very good reason." She said as the landed on a bench, changing into humans. Wavern stared ahead, trying to think of where to live.
"Dan still lives here I believe, maybe his mother can rent us a room." He said.
"Drago, there's something I need to tell you."
He looked at her, brushing his fingers through her long white hair.
"What is it?"
"Drago, I'm pregnant." She said. Drago looked at her, then leaned back.
"P-pregnant?" He stuttered, not believing what he heard. Just then, Dan Kuso and Joe Brown walked by.
"Drago? That you?" Dan asked, recognizing Drago's voice, who nodded. He looked up at Dan, and stood up.
"Hey partner." He said with a smile. Joe walked around and talked to Wavern. While they caught up on news, Drago asked Dan a question.
"Would it be alright if Wavern and I stayed at your place? She's pregnant." He said, looking down. Dan smiled.
"Sure buddy, don't see why not." He looked at Joe, who nodded and smiled.
As they walked to Dan's house, Drago placed his arm around Wavern's waist to keep her close to him. He felt a little more protective of her. After Wavern gave Joe a kiss on the cheek, Drago had hardened his face, that, and he was thinking about their future. He wasn't sure if he'd be a perfect father. He wasn't even sure if he was ready to be a parent quite yet. He looked at her. She was beautiful in ever aspect. How could someone like him, be a father, to HER child? How? How could he be someone to love a child? He knew it would be a bakugan, but, it had to be born in a human form, due to their mating style. After it would be born, it would be up to Wavern to change him or her into a bakugan, and send them back to New Vestroia.
"Drago." Wavern said, looking at him.
"Huh? Oh, sorry, I was just thinking."
"About what?"
"The baby."
She smiled.
"There's nothing to worry about Drago, she's alright."
"Yes, I just know we're having a daughter!" She said, a faint tint of blush was on her cheeks, and Dan smiled.
"Congrats buddy." He said, unlocking the door to his home.
"Thanks Dan." Drago replied. He went in with Wavern, still thinking that he wasn't gonna be good enough to raise a baby dragon. He didn't even know the attribute.
"Wavern, if you know it's a girl, then, what attribute?"
Wavern turned around, and smiled at him.
"Subterra." She said, rubbing her still flat stomach, and following Dan to hers and Drago's room.
Drago stood there. A daughter? A Subterra bakugan? Him, a father? Could this really be what was to happen? Is this really what's gonna happen? Is he even gonna be a wonderful father? Or will he fail? So many questions, so little time.

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