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BY : KISSRockette
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A blonde haired boy stepped out of his shoes, and onto the soft rug in his room. He sighed as he flopped onto his bed. He rolled onto his back and took off the mask that covered his blue eyes. As he placed it on the bedside table, he sat up against the wall. He leaned his head back and shut his eyes. He took some deep breathes to calm himself.
His alias as Spectra was getting quite old. His sister’s boyfriend told him to combine another name with it. He decided on Spectra Phantom. He looked out his window to see the night sky. He got off his bed, and grabbed a towel, red pajama bottoms, and a red tank top. He made his way to the shower.
“Night Keith!” Came his sister, Mira’s, voice.
He looked behind him and a soft smile played on his lips.
“Goodnight Mira.” He said, continuing to the shower.
He shut the door behind him, placing his stuff on the sink and turned on the hot water for his shower. Keith Clay his name was, but to the rest of Vestal, he was known as Spectra Phantom, the top rated Pyrus brawler. He battled many, including his younger sister.
He took off his maroon shirt, then his pants, underwear, socks, and gloves. He looked in the mirror at his face. A blonde haired, blue eyed, tanned boy stared back as he reached for his toothbrush and toothpaste. Turning on the tap, he wet his toothbrush, and put the paste on, brushing his teeth. He leaned over and spit out the white paste into the sink, watching it go down into the drain. He felt a chill run through his body as he set his brush back.
“Ooh, cold chill.” He said, looking down to see that his cock was standing to attention, “Mind warning me the next time your gonna stand up and I’m not horny?” He said.
He opened the shower door, and stepped in, closing the door behind him. On the other side of the bathroom, was Mira’s room. Keith lathered up a cloth as he begun to wash his body. He heard a noise and knew Mira fell down. Shaking his head and smiling to himself, he lathered the cloth up again to wash his cock. As he ran the cloth slowly down the shaft, he smiled. It felt good. He dropped the cloth, and firmly grasped his cock, slowly running his hand up and down the shaft, rubbing his thumb over the velvet head. He was able to stifle a moan this time.
Keith spread his legs a bit as he bent over slightly, placing his fingers at his entrance. Tracing the pulsing muscle, he let go of his cock, and pushed in two fingers, gasping at the feeling. He closed his eyes and blushed. More chills ran up his spine. He looked around the shower for something he could use to fuck himself with. Nothing. He pulled out his fingers, and pushed open the shower door. He stepped out and looked under the sink.
Finding his sisters toy, a yellow dildo, he grabbed it. Having never used a dildo before, he looked and saw that it had a on button. A vibrator was built into it. He took it into the shower with him.
Sitting on his ass, he slid down a bit, enough to let him play with his entrance. He blushed and squeezed his eyes shut when he inserted three fingers, stretching himself out. He grabbed the dildo, turned it on, and pushed it into him. Keith cried out when he felt how strong the vibrator was. He grabbed his cock and started to pump quickly. His other hand went down as he cradled his balls, gently squeezing them. He threw his head back as he thrusted the toy in and out. Tears begun to slide down his face as he drooled, panting, beginning to really moan. His deep voice was soft, yet powerful.
His body shook when he hit his prostate, crying out. He really then let loose, driving the dildo as far as it would go, leaving only a bit of it out, letting it vibrate to no end. He pumped faster, his cock throbbing for its release.
Finally, Keith let out a cry when he came. Hot white cum shot out of the swollen reddened head as he leaned forward, ripping the toy out of his ass and panting. He looked to see his chest and stomach covered. He swallowed, sweat dripping off his body. The now cold water splashed onto his body, cooling it as he tried to bring himself out of the swirling pleasure that overtook his body.
He washed off his sister’s dildo, and his body, and got out of the shower, spent. As he put back the toy, he got dressed.
Keith left the bathroom, making sure there was no trace of his time in the shower. As he laid down, he easily drifted off to sleep.

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