Tell Me You Love Me

BY : KISSRockette
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Disclaimer: I do not own Bakugan New Vestroia, nor am I making money off of it, but i do own Cecili Bishop.

Cecili stared at the blonde as he came in.
"Keith, where's your shirt?"
"The fan girls took it!" He said, throwing his arms up.
She looked at him, her nipples hardened into dark pink buds under her shirt and vest. His chest, shoulders, arms, and stomach were perfectly sculpted.
"You got my tank?" He asked the wiccan.
"Yeah." She said, still seeing images from her fantasy.
Keith watched as the beautiful blonde swayed as she walked towards the closet to retrieve his top. His sex erected as he watched her. Her hips, stomach, breasts, and butt were curvy beyond belief.
"Here." She thrusted the tank towards him.
"Thanks." Keith took his shirt, and put it on.
Cecili smiled. The fan girls always chased the boys, especially Keith, Ace, and Shadow.
"So, where's Ace?" Keith asked.
"Here." The green-haired boy jumped the last six steps, landing on his feet.
"We still going to meet Shadow?"
"Yep." Ace said, picking up his little sister's bat.
"Why are you taking my bat?" Cecili asked her older brother.
"Incase Shadow goes taco-nuts and to ward away evil fan girls." Ace told her.
Both Keith and Cecili laughed. Ace and Keith left, leaving Cecili to herself. She got to work making her potions. She heard the door open. A blue haired girl snuck into the kitchen.
"Finally returning my raven feathers, Mylene?"
Mylene stopped and groaned.
"Aw hot damn, I was hoping you wouldn't hear me!" She said, handing Cecili the black feathers, "So?"
"Did you tell Keith?"
"Oh Mylene, he's so hot! And Mira never lets him with a girl." Just then, her phone beeped in a text.
She looked, "Speaking of the devil." She said through gritted teeth.
Mylene sucked in her bottom lip.

Keith stared at his soda. Ace and Shadow argued.
"You need to see a taco-addiction therapist!"
"DAMN IT SHADOW!" Ace yelled, raising the metal bat.
Keith laughed.
"What are you laughing about?" Ace growled at him.
"Put the bat down Ace." Keith laughed.
Ace reluctantly put it down. He glared at Shadow.
"So have you told Cecili about us being vampires yet?"
"Bacon." Keith told the waitress.
"Who?" Shadow asked. Ace looked at him.
"My sister idiot."
"Your sister's name is Bacon?"
Keith and Ace looked at him, Shadow sipped his soda, looking away from them. Keith sighed.
"I was drunk Ace."
Ace, easily being the oldest, raised the beer bottle to his lips. He was only a few months older then Keith.
"Your lucky she was passed out."
"Your telling me."
Both Ace and Cecili had quite the tempers, but Cecili was worse. Keith knew it. As they waited for their snacks to arrive, Lync and Gus showed up.
"Hey hey!" Lync said. Gus simply waved.
"Have you told Cecili we're vampires yet?"
"But we know she and Mylene are witches!" Shadow said.
"Cecili's a wiccan." Ace said.
"What's the difference?" Lync asked.
"Their names!" Ace exclaimed, causing everyone to laugh.

Cecili yelled through her cell at Mira.
Mylene sat nervously at the kitchen table, secretly holding a potion. She bit her bottom lip as she listened. Everyone, at one point, trusted Mira, until she nearly killed Cecili. Ace had become distant from Mira, refusing to go out with her. After, even Keith started to dislike his own sister.
Mira had become one of the most hated brawlers. Keith had become closer to her, Cecili, as her love for him grew.

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