Tell Me You Love Me

BY : KISSRockette
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Disclaimer: I do not own Bakugan New Vestroia, nor am I making money off of it, but i do own Cecili Bishop.

Cecili stood looking out her window. She had one thumb hooked into her jeans pocket, the other hand holding a pendant. The pendant’s design was engraved on it, it appeared to be fangs, and blood boiling out of a cauldren. Symbolizing the two types in the family. Vampires, and witches.
Although Cecili didn’t take the witch thing too far. It was rare to have both a witch, and a vampire, in one person in the family. It skipped many generation, until Cecili.
Just like Ace, she didn’t delve into her powers.
Ace had raised her for years, after the death of their parents. They were so young, living on in the house that their parents birthed them.
“Hey, look at this.” Ace said, coming into the room with a rather large book in his arms, open.
“What is it?” She said, turning from her window, and looking at the book.
“I don’t know really, but I think it belonged to our great-grandfather.”
“Cool.” She said, taking the book from him, and placing her pendant around her neck as she looked through it. It held pictures, writings, and even spells. Spells to help vampires with their blood craving. She looked through while Ace heard a knock on the door, and went to answer it.
“Who the hell…Keith?!”
Keith went in, rather annoyed.
“Mylene hates me!” He said, pointing to his pink hair.
“She hates you enough to make you look like you used to?” Ace asked, shrugging and holding his hands up.
Keith glared at him, then looked at the floor.
“Where’s Cecili?” He asked, a smile across his face.
“Ya know Ace, there’s a Twilight thing going on downtown.” Keith looked at him, a smile growing on his face.
Ace laughed and turned Keith towards the stairs and pushed him up them.
“Forget it! You ain’t getting me out of the house just so you can bang my little sister!”
Laughing, Keith made his way to her room, and leaned against the frame of the door. He smiled as he looked at her frame.
“Hey sexy.” He said, making her jump and turn around.
“KEITH!” She smiled.
She put down the items, and ran into his arms. She laughed as he picked her up and twirled her around. Putting her back on her feet, he gathered her up in a kiss. Pressing their bodies together, he pushed her against the wall. He blocked her in, kissing her, his tongue gliding across her teeth and lips.
They blushed when their bodies heated up, their hands roaming the other’s body. His hands found her breasts, and he squeezed gently, making her moan into his mouth. Her own hands slipped under the band of her jeans, and into her underwear.
She slowly rubbed her clit as his hand found her waist, rubbing her side. He never noticed she was masturbating. She tilted her head back as she became even more wet.
That was when Keith realized what she was doing, and smirked as he kissed her neck.
“Keith..” She moaned, gasping when he bit her for blood.
He drank quickly, licking the wound to close it.
“Keith..” She looked at him as she reached climax, moaning loudly.
“You naughty girl, couldn’t wait for me, could you?” He said, teasing her, pushing her onto the bed.
“Keith!” She looked up, blushing, her fingers wet.
“You want me, don’t you?” He said, straddling her hips and looming over her.
“God yes!” She cried out, before he could quiet her with his lips.
They breathed hard as he took off her black, silver, and tan shirt. He then took off his yellow and white tank and laid back on her.
“Keith, I’m so horny for you!” She blushed as he unsnapped her tan bra and took it off of her.
“I know, I am horny for you too.” He said, kissing and nipping at her breasts and nipples.
She moaned and brought her legs up, bent beside his body. He reached down, and unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans, slipping them off her hips.
She watched him do the same with his pants. He looked down to see that her thong was completely soaked, and she was actually dripping.
“We are a bit horny, aren’t we?” He said, lust filling his eyes and voice.
“Just a bit.” She said, lust filling hers as well.
He laid back on her, slowly taking off their underwear, and pulling the blanket over their hips.
She groaned when he grinded into her hips, his dick rubbing against her clit.
“You like that?” He asked, a smirk playing on his lips.
She moaned again as he prodded her wet hole.
“Please go slow! I’m still a virgin!” She told him.
“I will, I promise.” He said, kissing her and lifting her hips up.
She grabbed the bedding as she felt his dick slowly going in. She felt tears slide down her face, and his lips kissing them away.
He hit her hymen, and pushed through it, making her bleed. She cried out, pain shooting through her lower regions.
“It’s okay.” He said, slowly rocking his hips against hers.
She moaned lightly as he kissed away her tears. He slowly moved his hips, looking down at her face for a reaction.
She arched her back as her gathered her in his arms.
“Cecili, I love you.” He said, slowly moving his hips and kissing her.
“I love you too Keith!” She cried out, cumming again.
“You came.” He said, looking down to see his dick, nuts, and even his own thighs wet with her juices.
He slowly moved, wanting her to cum again for him.
She scratches his shoulders as she locked her legs around his waist. He slid in deeper, reaching down to rub her clit.
“Oh, oh, I think I’m cumming!” She cried out, arching her back and letting lose a flood of liquids against him.
He groaned as he came, hot, white, and thick cum shot out of his dick, and into her pussy, where she screamed as she felt him throb.
“Oh, Cecili!” Ace heard from her room as he stood there, about to knock, “SHEESH!” He said, annoyed, and went down stairs and sat on the couch, turning on the tv.
Keith gave a final thrust, cumming, and fell on her.
She wrapped her arms around his sweaty body, smiling as she kissed him.
“I love you Keith.”
“And I love you Cecili.” He said, smiling as he rolled off of her, bringing the blanket up to their shoulders, and holding her to him.
They rested after their little time with each other, then went downstairs to find Ace annoyed.
“Hey, next time you do that, be sure to at least put up a sign!” He said, not taking his eyes off the tv.
Cecili blushed while Keith laughed.

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