Nursing A Police Officer

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A young girl stood in the bathroom, fixing the long parts of her blonde hair in the front into pigtails on the side of her head. Her red eyes glared back at her. Well, not glare. Her red eyes seem to do that on their own, but she was actually giving herself a soft look. As she pulled her hair tighter in the second pigtail, her younger brother came into the bathroom.

"Cecili, have you seen Maron's favorite shirt?"

"The red and blue one?"


"Yeah, she wore that a couple of days ago, remember?"

Baron Leltoy smacked his forehead.

"I forgot." He said, leaning against the doorframe.

She smiled and giggled softly. She had ran away from her twin brothers home, while their father was beating on him to protect her. Shadow Prove had thrown himself in front of their father, and yelled at a five year old Cecili to run away. It was a couple of days later, did a pregnant woman find her, and adopted her. Cecili had been living with the Leltoys as far back as that memory.

She swept her long blond hair behind her, and walked up to Baron.

"Is Ace here yet?"

Right after she asked, a young girls voice ran out.

"Cecili! Ace is here!"

Baron and Cecili smiled at each other. It seemed to happen every time. When Baron went to say a no to Cecili, the answer yes just rang out.

"I never get the word no in." Baron said, following his older sister out into the kitchen.

"Your just too slow." She said, laughing.

Baron would have retorted with a playful threat, but stopped short when he saw the police officer in the kitchen. He laughed when the officer fell when Cecili jumped on him.

"ACE!" She said, joyful.

The officer laughed, and pushed her off with one arm.

"Cecili, I really wish you would be careful!" Her mother said, wiping dry a glass that she had just washed.

"It's alright Mrs. Leltoy." Ace said, standing up and brushing off the dirt from his navy blue uniform.

"But she gets so excited!" She said, hastily turning back to the sink to finish the dishes.

Ace laughed as he looked at her, then at Baron, "School going good?"

"Nope." Baron said, leaning against the door frame.

"Oh Baron!" Mrs. Leltoy turned around and faced her oldest son.

While Baron and his mother got into a heated argument about his education, Cecili took Ace's hand, and slipped out through the door.

"I hate it when they get into arguments!" Cecili said, climbing into the cop car.

Ace chuckled as he got into the drivers seat, and started the car.

"Well, she is pregnant again." He said, driving off.

She smiled.


Ace looked at her, then he heaved a sigh.

"I know you want a baby Cecili, but your still in school!"

"I know." She said, tears welling up in her eyes.

Just then, a voice came over his radio.

"Patrol car sixteen, can you read me?"

Ace picked the mouth piece up.

"Grit here."

"There's a attempted suicide on the corner of Grove and Mill, they are calling for backup. The person is believed to be armed."

"Ten-four." He put it back, and turned on his sirens.

Cecili felt her heart pound.

"Cecili, I'm sorry but I'm dropping you off at the office." He said, pulling into the parking lot and unlocking the door for her.

She got out and gave him a look as a woman came out and took her inside.

"Mira, will he be ok?" She asked the red head who resumed her spot behind the desk.

"Course he will, you know Ace." Mira said, smiling kindly up at Cecili.


It seemed like hours before they heard anything.

"Man down! Man down!" The call came over the radio, "Grit is down!"

Mira quickly called for a ambulance while Cecili went into hysterics. Mira tried her best to calm her down, when Keith, Mira's older brother came out in his white uniform, and took Cecili by the arm.

"Your coming with me." He said, and led her to the ambulance.

She felt so scared, and so hurt, that she couldn't understand what was going on. Was he dead? Was he dying? Was he going to be alright? She had so many questions, and the tears were welling up again. A hand squeezed her shoulder and she looked at Keith.

"He'll be fine." He told her.

When they arrived, she could see him sprawled on the ground. She screamed when she saw the pool of blood under him.

It happened so fast, she had jumped out with the paramedics, and rushed over to him. Many officers held her still as they ripped his shirt open, and looked for the wound, cleaning his torso up. They found the bullet in his side.

"It's not deep enough to cause any major damage." A blue haired woman spoke up.

Her short hair moved in the wind as she took bandages from a white haired man. She cried out his name over and over, hoping to get a response. There was none. She fought harder against the police.

"Ma'am! If you don't stop struggling, I will be force to put you under arrest!"

Cecili stopped, tears streaming down her face. She watched as the white haired paramedic and Keith picked up his body, and placed it on a stretcher. She went back with them to the ambulance, when she stopped next to his car. Looking inside, she could see the man who attempted the suicide. He was restrained. She saw blood on the window, and assumed that Ace had been standing there when the man had pulled a gun on him.

She gave him a fearful look, and ran off to the back of the ambulance, where she sat, holding his hand.


Cecili breathed deeply, and looked up. Her face was wet with tears as Baron hugged her shoulders. They were waiting for news on Ace's condition. Their mother was talking to the nurse. Next to Cecili, surprisingly, stood her twin, Shadow. She leaned against him, and felt a whole new wave of fresh tears hit her. He hugged her and whispered soothing words to her. Just then, a nurse came out, along with a doctor.

Everyone looked at him.

"He'll be fine. I would advise for him to stay at a relatives house."

"He don't have any." Spoke up Keith, from his spot by the window.

His sister Mira was also crying.

"He can stay with me!" Cecili said.

Everyone looked at her.

"We don't have room!" Mrs. Leltoy told her.

"I don't care!" She turned back to the doctor, "Please! I'm still in medical school! I know how to take care of wounds like that! And he's my boyfriend anyways!" She turned back to her mother, "And he can stay in my room! I'll sleep on the floor!" She said, tears streaming down her face.

It was decided. Mrs. Leltoy didn't have a word to put in. The doctor gave Cecili a list of medicines, and what to do, including his phone number in case she needed any help or got stuck along the way.

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