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Mira stared out the window into the gloomy, rainy day. She heaved a sigh. She stood up and went into her brother's room. Spectra looked up, his mask sat on the computer desk. He propped himself up on one elbow, his other arm was holding a blanket across Fabia's chest, hiding it from view.

"Something wrong Mira?" He asked.

"Nothing, just wondering what you want for dinner."

"Anything you want." He said.

Mira nodded and left his room. Spectra laid back down. He tried to sneak his arm under her head. He stopped when she turned around.

"You woke me up."

"Sorry Fabia."

She moved and sat on his hips.

"What are you doing?" Spectra asked.

"Something." She smirked and looked down, "Your getting hard."

"When your looking at it like that it's hard not to."

"True." Fabia leaned down, kissing him.

He kissed her back, fondling her breasts. She moaned and slid down, taking ahold of his cock and licking the tip. He leaned his head back and smiled, enjoying the small amount of pleasure she was giving him. She looked up, and smiled. She loved it when he relaxed for her, he always became so much more harder when he did when he was tensed. She went back to licking the head, swirling her tongue around, making him give a small moan out in pleasure.

He slid his hand up her up and onto her shoulder, where he gave a small squeeze. Then he moved his hand to her hair, grabbing the piece that hung down, and pulled it forward. Her eyes widened when he forced her to deep throat. She closed her eyes and pushed her tongue out further, stopping her gagging. She opened her eyes and continued to bob her head on him.

Mira put the pork chops in the oven, and closed the door. She sat at the kitchen table while the potatoes and carrots boiled. She sighed and took out her notepad. She reached in her bag and took out a pencil. She begun to write in it. Actually, it was more like doing her homework. She had to finish a book report for her English class. She put her head in her hand and closed her eyes and thought about the book she had to read. She opened her eyes and wrote more down. She reread over her report, seeing that she wrote a good six pages on it.

"Three more then the teacher asked for." She raised her eyebrows then lowered them.

She quickly got up and turned off the stove, the pots boiling over. She sighed and shook her head. She put on the oven mitts and took out the perfectly done pork chops. Mira had gotten used to cooking after her mother died. Everyday it was the same, her father and brother wouldn't help her, then again, she never let them, no matter how many times Keith said he would, and wanted to.

She remembered that he would sit at the table, watching her cook, if she ever got hurt, he was there by her side, taking a look at the burn or cut that she had gotten. She sighed as she put everything into bowls and onto plates. She put out the drinks for them to choose their own, the butter, salt, pepper, and anything else that was needed for supper.

She put away her apron and mitts, and left the kitchen to tell Fabia and her brother that dinner was ready. She walked up the hallway to the door that was her brothers room.

Fabia rocked quickly on his hips, bringing herself to multiple orgasms. Spectra panted out moans here and there, keeping his voice quiet so that Mira couldn't hear him, Fabia the same. He had his hands on her breasts and pinching her nipples. She gave a small cry, biting back the moans as the door opened, and Mira walked in.

Spectra quickly sat up, holding Fabia to him.


"I-I'm sorry!" She said, standing still as a statue from shock at seeing her brother having sex.

She knew it was happening, she just never thought she would have seen it. Fabia quickly got off of Spectra's body, and went over to Mira, walking her to a chair and sitting her down in it.

"She's shocked Keith."


"Spectra." Fabia mumbled.

Her breasts were hanging in Mira's face, who was blushing at it, as Fabia and Spectra talked. Mira didn't mean to move forward, or jolted forward as she wanted to get out of the room. Her mouth had connected with Fabia's nipple, sort of. She didn't take it in, but the two body parts touched slightly. Fabia let out a soft moan, still horny and sensitive. Mira covered her mouth with her hand, shocked. Spectra looked, suddenly he became harder watching that little scene that was a accident. His girlfriend and his sister. He wondered what would happen if he told Fabia to do stuff to Mira.

"Fabia, try…touching hers." He said.

Mira and Fabia both looked at him, but Fabia did as she was told, grabbing Mira's breast and yanking down her one piece. Mira gasped and looked at Spectra, who came over, sucking on a breast. Mira cried out, feeling her brother's mouth on her nipple. She looked down, but her head was brought back up, and kissed by Fabia.

Th-their teaming up on me!

Mira's body was wanting against her will, and she was losing the battle as her face heated up and her pussy became wet. Spectra lifted his head.

"Your wet sister." He said smirking.

Mira gulped and felt Fabia's lips move from hers as Spectra pulled Mira up by her hand. She was pressed against his body as he fell back onto the bed, holding her to him.

"Fabia, can you take off the rest of Mira's clothing? Leave her boots and gloves on."

Fabia nodded and quickly got to work taking off Mira's clothing, leaving her boots and gloves on her. Mira quickly covered up her pussy, but her brother moved her hands, and aligned them so that all Mira had to do, was force herself down, and ride him. Mira was nervous, were they really serious about this? Was she really wanting to have sex with her brother while his girlfriend did sexual things to her? Yes they were, and yes she was. She took a deep breath, and moved her legs so that she slid down his cock, crying out as she done so. Spectra shivered at his sister going down like that on him. He held her hips, and rocked them for her, letting her feel him throb deep in her. Mira rocked slowly by herself as her brother thrusted up into her repeatedly. She felt Fabia moving to be on him, and looked to see her in front of her.


"Don't worry Mira, your brother enjoys doing this to me." She said.

Mira looked down to see that Spectra was licking Fabia's pussy, enjoying it as well. Fabia pulled Mira into a kiss, playing with each other's breasts. Mira felt so close to orgasm, that her eyes were welling up with tears, and falling down her face.

"First one via sex?" Fabia asked, kissing Mira's tears away.

She nodded and screamed when she came, squeezing her brothers cock so hard that he stopped licking Fabia's pussy, and hollered out. Fabia reached under her and rubbed her clit, bringing herself to orgasm and moaning gently.

Spectra helped Fabia clean up dinner while Mira rested on the couch. She put the dishes in the sink, and turned to him.

"Your sister is some cook."

"I know, she always cooked for father and I before, well, you know." It still pained him that he never let go of the name Spectra, but instead, kept it for reasons known only to him, Mira, and Fabia.

"I know."

They looked towards Mira, then at each other and chuckled.

"Wonder if she will be up for round two."

"No Fabia."

Fabia laughed and hugged Spectra, who hugged and kissed her back.

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