Valentine Baby

BY : KISSRockette
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The snow outside whirled around as Mira watched it, a smile playing on her soft lips. Her brother, Keith, also stood watching it out the window.

"It looks cold!" Mira said.

Keith chuckled, "Yeah it does."

He turned around and sat back on the couch, picking up the game they had been playing.

"Your getting better at this Mira."

"I try." Mira turned around, smiling.

A lot of the Vestals believed Mira and Keith to just be extremely close brother and sister, but, they were farther then that. They were lovers in their own world with no boundries to stop their love for each other.

Mira sat next to him as she bagged the little pieces to the game.

"Marucho could have giving us a much more understandable game then Monopoly!" She said.

Keith laughed as he put the cover on.

"It's something different!" He said, looking at her.

Mira always was seduced by his voice alone. Deep and rich, but not bratty. She smiled and put the box away as Keith stretched out on the couch, sighing in content. It had taken a bit, but he was able to find his old clothes, but he wore a similar looking top. It was red with gold, not white. The jeans, he had to add more cloth to it, having growing a good foot since he last wore them. It was easy, using the machine that his mother would use, throwing the jeans into it and pushing the buttons giving his height and leg length.

He crossed his legs and put his arms behind his head, letting them dangle over the arm of the couch as Mira came back in.

She didn't have her usual outfit on, but his maroon shirt and brown fluffy bottoms and bare feet. She crawled up on his lap and laid against him, smiling.

"Keith, I'm bored!" She whined, making him laugh and wrap his arms around her frame.

"You always are bored!"

She laughed and cuddled against him. Mira then got a idea and shimmied down his body.

"What are you doing?" Keith asked, suddenly growing hard.

Mira quickly got up and went into the kitchen.

"Tease." Keith said, getting up and following her.

"Always!" Mira winked at him and he lunged.

She screamed when his arms found her body and laughed when he kissed her forehead. She hugged him back as she closed her eyes, smiling.

She looked at the calender, and went into her room to write in her dairy.

Keith went into his room to use his laptop.

Mira took out a tan book with a bright red pen. She opened it to the first page.

"First time for everything." She said with a smile, and sprawled out on her bed.


Dear Whatever you are,

Keith and I played a game that a friend from Earth gave us. Monopoly. It's weird. Paper money, whoever heard of that? In Vestal, we have metal cards that hold the money on it for us. Keith won, again. I guess that shouldn't surprise me at all. He's always been really good at games, and brawling. Brawling is my favorite thing to do. Well, I shouldn't say that. My favorite thing of all is hanging out with my big brother.

There's a storm coming. Snow storm! On Earth it's summer! I was shocked when I saw Runo wearing a small pair of shorts and a tank top with sandals.

We invited a friend to stay with us. Gus Grav. He don't have anyone to spend this storm with, so I told Keith to let him stay with us. He agreed. He should be here very soon! I think he's here now! I'll write more later, maybe…

Mira Firman-Clay

Mira shut her dairy and put it back under her mattress, and ran out to glomp Gus.

"Hey Mira!" He said, hugging her back.

Keith was chuckling.

"Mira, you have to be careful!"

"Sorry Keith! But we haven't seen Gus for a long time!"

"I know."

Gus laughed.

After supper, they played the game and then went to bed. Mira snuck into Keith's room.


"Keith, I'm horny!"

He laughed.

"What night aren't you?" He lifted the blankets and she could see that he wasn't wearing any pajamas.

She quickly got under with him and cuddled against his skin. She felt lips upon hers and knew that the adventure was beginning.

Keith quickly flipped her on her back, making her body shiver when she felt his cock, hard as rock, against her thigh.

"Keith.." Mira moaned, feeling his body rocking against hers.

His fingers grabbed a hold of her breast as he bent his head, quickly licking a nipple and taking it in. He sucked as the hand that had her breast slid down her body, and into her bottoms.

"Keith!" Mira cried out, feeling a finger on her swollen and wet clit.

His other arm was under her shoulders, making her breasts appear like they were arching into the air for his mouth.

He moved his hand lower, slipping his finger into her tight pussy. He knew she would tear up when he entered. Keith wasn't no regular size, he was quite large, especially for his constantly tight sister.

She gasped when he bit down on her breast, then pulled away. His finger was moving quickly, making her legs shiver and her ass tighten as her hips raised up and she came around his finger.

He removed it and put himself between her legs.


She nodded and squeezed her eyes shut as he slowly started to push in. Something didn't feel the same, something felt like it was hurting her hip. She gasped out when he pushed in all the way, making her cry out.


"I'm fine Keith." She said, rocking her body against his.

Nodding, Keith slowly started to thrust, and begun to lightly moan. Mira as well as she reached down to feel his length moving in and out of her wetness. She could feel how much of her natural lube was on him, feeling the slick organ moving quicker by the second. Her other hand grabbed his and he laid his body on hers, his head on her shoulder.

"Mira.." He moaned out, and turned his head some more to kiss her neck, now thrusting like his life depended on it.

Mira cried out and grabbed him by his shoulders as she came again, stronger then before and releasing liquid against his hips.

Keith's body started to shiver as he suddenly pushed his body up off of her and gave a cry, cumming hard in her pussy and making her shiver just as hard as him. She fell back against the pillows, and he pulled out, panting hard as he laid against her, next to her, his arms wrapped around her waist and shoulders.

As they fell asleep, Keith's cum swam up, and found the egg. Mira, nor Keith for that matter, had any idea, they had just conceived a child. 

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