Valentine Baby

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Mira looked up at the clock again, her hand on her belly. She was worried, what if these contractions ment today, tomorrow? She was so unsure. They couldn't go to the hospital due to Mira and Keith being Vestals, aliens from another dimension. That would not go over well.

Shun was in the kitchen gathering items from there that might help with the delivery. Keith was keeping Mira to him just incase it was happening soon. Professor Clay was gathering old sheets and looking for anything else that would help.

Mira looked at her brother as she felt something moving in her. She gripped his hand.

"Keith, it's time!" She said, her eyes wide with fear and nervousness.

Keith quickly got up and helped her up, taking her as fast as he could to the room they were staying in. He ran out after putting her on the bed. Professor Clay was soon in the room.


"Daddy, the baby is coming!" She said, reaching up for her father.

He grasped her hand and helped her get the sheets under her, "I know Mira, Keith just told me." He said, staying there just in case.

She screamed as a wave of pain entered her spine and traveled down to her hips. It felt like someone was shocking her, like someone was putting a ton of rocks on her back, breaking it. She could feel the baby move again, and knew, that it was only a matter of time before she would be born.

"Shun! The baby!" Keith said, gasping for breathe and holding a stitch in his chest.

Shun quickly ran to the room with a panting Keith behind him. As he ran in, they both heard Mira screaming for the pain to leave her alone.

"It's hurting her!"

"Giving birth don't feel like sex you know!" Shun said and got set up.

They helped him with her legs, spreading them so that it would have been easier for the birthing. Shun took one look at her pussy and shook his head.

"Just not right." He said, making Mira and Keith laugh.

She slowly begun to push, feeling that she shouldn't.

"Mira, just do what your body tells you." Shun told her.

She nodded and waited it out for a bit. It was hour after hour they waited, nervous, feeling like there was nothing to do when Mira suddenly cried out and begun to push.

"Mira!" Keith went towards her to hold her.

Mira suddenly got a urge to get on her knees, and she slowly shift, turning around and pushing. Shun took a look at what she was doing, then looked at Keith.

"Ya know, when I thought of a woman on her hands in knees like that in front of me, it was Doggy Style, not birthing."

Keith laughed along with his father. They stoped when she screamed, blood pouring out of her along with water. Now they saw a good reason for the old sheets. She screamed more when something was coming out, making her feel like she was tearing. White hot pain surged through her regions and her body as Shun took a hold of the baby, and twisted it gently. Slowly, the baby came out in his hands, and he handed the baby to Keith, then grabbed the cord.

"Another push Mira, we need to take out the placenta."

She nodded and gently pushed again, and it easily fell out of her. She felt weak, and fell.

The sound a baby crying woke her up. Mira sat up, and realized that she had been out right after giving birth. She got up, and went over to the crib to see a pink haired, blue eye baby in it.

"She looks like Keith." She reached in and picked the baby up, "Your hungry, aren't you Maria?"

The screaming sounds told her yes, and she looked down to see that she had on a shirt, and she lifted it to over one breast. Using her pinky, she was able to guide her daughter to her nipple, and gasped when she felt the suction. She sat in a rocking chair, and looked around. She was home, in her own room.


"We came back shortly after. Shun helped us get rid of the people." Keith said, leaning against the doorframe.

Mira nodded, then she broke out into a large smile.

"Oh Keith!" She said, tears falling down her face.

Keith smiled and went in, taking her face in her hands and kissing her lips gently.

"Our little family."

Nodding again, she leaned against him. It was then that she noticed Maria Clay had stopped, and was sleeping again. She got up and put her back in her crib, then she let Keith take her out of the room.

"Everything is all set. We're good on everything for now. Dad has gone back to his work, but he said that he will be back next month to see us."

Mira listened to her brother talk, and was extremely happy.

He bent down, kissing her again.

"I love you Mira."

"I love you so much Keith." 

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