Valentine Baby

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Mira retched for what seemed like the tenth time that day. For some reason, she couldn't keep a single thing down, couldn't even keep water down as it came back up twice as hard through her mouth. Keith was kneeling by her, holding back her bangs as they were in her face.

He, along with his best friend Gus, and her best friends Baron and Ace, didn't understand why she was so sick. It had been a good four to five weeks!

Mira tho, she never told anyone that she missed one period. She had her idea why she was sick, but she couldn't be so sure.

She brought her head up and a little bit more came out. Bringing her head up, she leaned against her brother, well, she fell against him, completely out of breath.

Keith flushed the toilet and sat with his younger sister in his arms.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Sort of." She said.

Truth was, she was feeling completely better, but this idea of hers, was making her feel worse.

"Keith, can I go to the store today?"

"Take Ace or Baron with you. Their here you know."

"I will." She said, and shakily got up, leaving Keith to clean the toilet seat.

"Mira!" Ace quickly went foreward when he saw the female who he trusted.

The only one he trusted, besides the brawlers of course.

"I'm fine Ace." She said, and let her arms go around his waist.

Baron, Ace, Gus, Keith, and Mira all decided that it was better if Ace and Mira pretended to go out so that they wouldn't suspect Keith of Incest Rape. They knew it wasn't that, but that wouldn't stop King Zenoheld. Hydron knew as well, but it was safe with him. He enjoyed that fact that they were happy, that was all that mattered.

Mira grabbed her jacket, and her bag from the wall, and left with The boys. It was still winter, the snow slowly melting. They went straight to the store for Mira.

She walked along the rows of items until she found what she wanted. A pregnancy test. She grabbed it and quickly paid for it.

"Pregnancy test?" A blonde girl held it up, giving Mira a weird look, "My brother nailing ya huh? I'll grill him later."

"Cecili it's fine!" Mira said.

Even Ace's sister was fooled. She was one who didn't think siblings should be together. Cecili shook her head and looked out the door at Ace, who caught her glanced and sighed, shaking his head.

"I'm gonna get grilled later." He said to Baron.

"What a day to have to get a E.P.T Test." Baron said, looking at his girlfriend through the glass.

Cecili waved at him and smiled, he waved back when Mira came out.

"Got what you need?"

"Yes." She smiled.

They headed off to the mall to hang out.

After, Mira headed home without them. She stepped through her door and the illness started again.

"Ohhh." She moaned, holding her stomach.

Keith came out and held her.

"Mira, are you…MIRA!"

Mira had vomited on him. She started to cry when he picked her up and took her to the shower.

Keith started it while Mira pulled out the bag with the test in it from her pocket.

"Keith, I want to take a shower alone."

"Sure." He said, then turned around and smiled, "I have to do homework from college anyways." He kissed her and left the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Mira stripped her soiled clothes and put them into the hamper, then stepped into the shower, listening to the running water, knowing it would soon make her pee.

She washed her hair easily, where it was short, and used her fingers to comb out any snarls she could possible have. As always, there was none. Next she washed her body, her cloth going in the same pattern as always.

Her neck, over her shoulders, down each arm, over her breasts and nipples, down her right-now-flat stomach, over her hips and waist, between her legs, down her legs, then her feet.

She stood back up, and felt the need to use the bathroom. She quickly turned off the shower, wrapping a towel around her body and sitting with her legs spread on the toilet. She took the box away from the test, and put it between her legs, peeing on it.

She breathed out, finishing peeing and pulled the test away from her body. She sat it on the sink while she got dressed for bed.

While she dressed, she was thinking. What if she wasn't a good mother? What if Keith stopped loving her because of this? What if the baby hated her?

She didn't want to turn around and pick that test up, but, what other choice did she have? Closing her eyes, she turned around, and picked the test up, and brought it to her face. She opened her eyes, and her hand went to her mouth, tears fell down her face. She was pregnant. Mira fell back on the toilet, crying.

Keith moved down the hall, he heard Mira crying and quickly opened the door.

"Mira! What's wrong!" He asked, suddenly worried for his sister as he went over and knelt in front of her.

Mira slid off the toilet and wrapped her arms around his neck, crying into his jacket. Keith's arms made their way around her body.

"Keith, I'm pregnant!" Mira said, looking up into his shocked blue eyes.

Keith's mouth hung open, shocked that he got his own sister pregnant. He hugged her, and tears fell out of his own eyes. He couldn't believe it. A family of his own. 

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