Valentine Baby

BY : KISSRockette
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Mira sat on the window sill, one of her favorite places to sit. She was gazing out at the moon when Keith opened her bedroom door.

"Mira? Haven't you even been in bed?" He went into the dark room, and put his arms around her shoulders, her head against his chest.

"I tried Keith, but, this idea of us having a baby is somewhat scaring me. Plus I keep puking."

"Oh Mira." Keith said, putting his head against hers.

She put her arm around his waist and rested against him. She thought of yet again of not being a perfect mother. She just wasn't ready yet. Keith may have accepted the fact that he was going to be a father, but not Mira.

Mira was now two months along, and she discovered another thing to pregnancy, and this one, she liked. She found it online, and while she was missing Keith one day when he was at his college.

She was just watching tv, when suddenly, she wanted to play with herself. She started to, and realized that being horny was part of pregnancy.

She moved away from Keith and got off the sill and hugged him.

"Do I have to go to bed?" She whined, making him laugh.

"If you don't want to. I don't have college tomorrow, so we can go and stay up all night if you want."

She nodded and blushed a bit. He took her hand and kissed her shoulder, then up to her neck. Mira knew where this one was going. She moaned when he nipped up to her ear, sucking on her earlobe. She put her arms around his shoulders as he picked her right off the floor. She felt him carry her to the bed and put her on her shoulders while she held her legs.

Her ass and pussy was open enough so that he could easily have access, and he reached over, running his finger over the slit. She gasped as he pushed aside the panties, quickly dipping his head down to lick her clit. Her body shook and she tensed constantly as he lifted his head.

"Keith!" She scolded.

His finger quickly plunged in, thrusting in and out.

"I'm not in the mood for sex tonight Mira." Keith told her, watching her expressions as he added a second finger.

She gasped and cried out, tears pricking her eyes when he pushed his two fingers as his thumb ran across her clit. He bent down again and licked at it, feeling the hardened nub against his tongue. His breath hot against her privates as his fingers moved faster, curling every now and then over her g-spot. Mira was constantly crying out, constantly using her voice as she voiced how much she was enjoying what he was doing.

She's never been this vocal! What am I doing different?

His eyes widened when he felt the pink walls shiver and throb, giving away her orgasm, along with her cry of pleasure.

He pulled away and took his soaked fingers out. He was hard, yes, but he didn't want to actually have sex. She quickly got on her ass, and noticed the bump in her brothers pants. She put her hand against it.

"M-Mira!" Keith looked down, his cheeks starting to turn pink.

She had pulled him out, and was now stroking him quickly. He hissed when the tip of her tongue touched the velvet head. She licked hard, making him moan. His body shivered when he turned his head, his hand on her head and he made her take in the head. She easily done so, sucking and licked the entire time, making her brother cry out.

Keith's eyes widened when she suddenly reached behind him, and grabbed his ass, and pulled him forward, making his hips thrust into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the base as he drooled, biting his teeth together. He gave a cry, the feeling of his climax was coming. Mira suddenly bit down, stopping it. Keith let the tears fall when his knees gave away and she got down, quickly putting him onto his back. She climbed on, and rocked quickly, grinding against his hips.

Keith gave a cry and just laid there, not able to move from so much shaking. Mira kept going, driving her older brother crazy. She was just so horny!

She couldn't stop his climax as she slammed her hips on his.

I'm gonna blow!

Keith finally screamed, he could feel the cum shooting out of him so hard the it actually stung. His body was arched off the floor and voice cracking as he screamed. Mira too came hard, liquid squirting out of her.

Keith settled down, and falling asleep. Mira got off of him and curled up next to him, she too, was tired.

Falling asleep, she had her head on his chest, and her arm around his waist. She wondered, what will next month bring me? 

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