Valentine Baby

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Mira was waving her feet around in the air while her brother read a book. She was laying on her back, being absolutely random. He looked up from his book and laughed while Mira reached up and touched her toes. He smiled as she gave him a annoyed look.

"I'm sorry Mira, but your so cute!"

"Oh really now?"

"Yes." He said, then went back to his book.

Mira just got up. She went into the bathroom to pee. After, while she was washing her hands, burning sensation filled her chest, stomach, and throat. She held her chest, the horrible taste filled her mouth as she tried to swallow it down. It suddenly made her sick.

She bent over the sink vomiting, the pain in her chest didn't leave. It was terrible for her to suffer it while pregnant. She became scared.


Keith heard his sister scream, and he got up. Worried where she was only three months along, if something was wrong.

"Mira what's wrong?"

"My chest!" Mira cried out, tears coursing down her face.

Keith quickly helped her into the living room, and called up the emergency.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

"My sister is having chest pain and she's pregnant!"

"How old is she?"


"Sir, that is heartburn, not chest pain."


"Would you like me to connect you to the hospital?"

"Um, sure…" Keith sweat dropped, realizing that he had taken Mira's pain a bit too far.

Mira sat on the couch, the stinging slowly going away. She watched as Keith took notes from the doctor.

"I guess antacids would help." He said, putting the phone down and looking at the sheet of paper.

"I'm sorry Keith."

"It's ok. What is going on is heartburn. I guess it's common for pregnant woman."


"Yep." Keith put the paper down and went over and hugged Mira, "Go get ready for bed. I'll be there later tonight, I have to finish another four chapters."

"Ok." Mira said, getting up and holding her stomach, "For something that took one night of pleasure, you are a nine month hell." She said to it as she went upstairs to her room.

Keith chuckled at her remark and picked his book back up off the floor where he dropped it, and sat on the couch.

Mira put on her pajamas and got into bed. She stared up at the ceiling, the same burning feeling coming back into her chest and throat. She hated it.

Do I have to suffer this the rest of my term? I can't stand it now!

The tears fell down her face as she laid it out.

Keith shut the book with his hand. He held it by the binder as he took a deep breath.

How can I help her right now? I read through all mother's medical books. Plus I called Ace's girlfriend for advice. She's a aspiring nurse. But, they all said the same thing: Antacids. We don't have any! What home remedy would be best?

Keith then remembered the home remedy book his mother used to use for when they were sick. He got up and went to the book case, quickly picking out the old book. He flipped through it right there, looking up Heartburn.

Heartburn! Here we go. Water and…Baking…Soda…? WHY WOULD ANYONE MIX THOSE TOGETHER!

He shook his head, then noticed his mother's writing in the corner of that very page.

Pregnant Heartburn: 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and 1 cup of water. Mix until clear and drink with nose plugged.

He looked up, and blinked a couple of times. Somehow, their mother must have had the worst heartburn to try out her own remedy version of this recipe. He shrugged his shoulders and put the book back in its spot.

"It might help her." He said to no one in particular, and went to the kitchen to mix the weird concoction.

Mira sat up when Keith came into the room, a glass in his hand. Water.


"Here, drink this." He handed the glass to her. "Just plug your nose."

Mira gave him a look, and did what she was told. After she drained it, she felt a burp coming up.

"Oh god." She grabbed her trash can and held it in her lap just in case.

Keith took the glass and quickly put it on the desk, his hand on her back and one in her hair.

Mira gave the biggest burp that Keith had ever heard a girl give, without vomiting. He laughed afterwards, and she sat there, blushing up a storm.


"Sorry Mira! I didn't know! Is your heartburn gone?"


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