Valentine Baby

BY : KISSRockette
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Gazing out the window, Mira was anxiously waiting for her brother and father to return from the court district. Professor Clay had taken Keith to the court so that they could make him the father instead of Ace, and to keep him out of trouble.

She was eager to know, and she was stressing, which she knew she shouldn't be doing at all. She closed her eyes and slowly tried to get herself to calm down. She was seven months along, two more and the baby would be born. She tried to think about her daughter, and what she would look like. Would she look like just Keith? Just Mira? Or would it be a combination of both? Whose eyes would she have? Whose mouth? Nose? What will she look like was the question.

She didn't hear the door open or the voices. She only saw visions behind her eyelids.

"She must have fallen asleep." Clay said, picking his daughter up bridal style.

"Must have." Keith said, and walked in front of his father to open the door to his and let him in.

Clay laid Mira on her bed gently, and covered her up with the blanket.

Mira's hands clutched the blanket while Keith and his father went into the kitchen for some leftover supper for lunch.

Mira woke up, and realized that she could hear her brother, and father, and rushed out into the kitchen, holding her belly.

"Keith! Daddy!" She exclaimed as Keith put down his soda quickly enough for her to rush into his arms.

"Mira." Keith hugged her.

Their father stood up from the table.

"It's been cleared Mira. Keith is now named the father, and he won't go to jail, thanks to quite the argument he gave."

"Argument?" Mira looked at her older brother.

"They were going to jail me. I told them that they were jailing me for loving you."

Mira stared at him.

"They never heard that before, but it's true."

She leaned against him, smiling and taking comfort in that they would no longer worry about courts. Although, they did have to worry about what people would think, but, at the moment, she really didn't care about what they would think, all she cared about was Keith.

He held her against him, and looked at his father, who was smiling approvingly at him, then went back to reading his paper. He kissed her gently and they both went into the living room to cuddle and watch some tv.

They were watching a romantic comedy when Clay came into the room.

"What's for dinner?" He asked, his stomach noisily growling.

"GAH! I FORGOT TO COOK!" Mira lunged up off the couch and dashed into the kitchen, going through the cabinets and fridge.

Keith got up and chuckled, then looked at Clay.


"Works for me."

Keith went into the kitchen and picked the phone up.

"Mira, we're getting pizza, don't worry about cooking tonight."

"Oh, um, ok." She looked on as he dialed the number and ordered.

She yet again waited by the door with the money, she told them she wanted to, but really, she just wanted to gaze out at the stars through the window. She saw the delivery come up, and she answered the door, handing them the money when they handed her the pizza. They sat at the table and ate it, each devouring at least three pieces.

After, Mira took a shower, then went to bed, tired. Keith soon joined her. He got under the covers and wrapped up in the blankets next to her. He put his arm across her waist and slowly slid into a night of pleasurable dreams.

He soon woke up a unbearable erection. He sat up and hisses as the blood pounded in his ears. He gingerly touched the tip of his cock and gasped. He was so sensitive and horny.

Mira rolled in her sleep onto her side, then woke up. She sat up and looked at her wide awake brother.

"Keith, what's wrong?" She asked him, her hand on his shoulder.

"Take a look down." He said through gritted teeth.

Mira did, and laughed when she saw her brother had a erection. She put her hand on it and moved it around, not realizing the feeling pounding down it and into her brothers stomach. She could see the jolting his legs were doing and she could feel them on the bed.

Not in the mood for actual sex, she put her head on his shoulder and stroked gently, barely touching him at all. Keith was moaning and groaning and making all sorts of noise.

She soon realized that Keith's erection was a bit more then just a hard on from at night, he was having quite the dream and it built up in him. She could feel the vein on his shaft throbbing hard and fast. She could feel his hips beginning to buck into her hand.

He begun to swell quickly and grabbed onto Mira's shoulder hard as he let out a cry. She felt something hot and sticky glide over her hand, and realized that her brother climaxed suddenly. His entire body was shaking as he fell back, completely tired out and feeling like he had let go of some pressure from his lower body.

She got up and went into the bathroom, and cleaned up, then came out with a wet cloth for her brother. She helped him get clean then threw the soiled cloth into the hamper, and got back in bed with Keith. 

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