Valentine Baby

BY : KISSRockette
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Mira screamed and ran into the living room. Both Clay and Keith got up.

"Mira what's wrong?"


Keith sighed and grabbed the part of the newspaper that was read by his father and went into the bathroom to kill the eight legged creature. He saw that it wasn't a spider, but some lint instead.

He sighed and picked it up, throwing it away, then hit the sink to make it sound like he had killed the 'spider'. He went back out to the living room and gave his dad a look.

Clay laughed to himself and continued to read his paper while Mira pulled a familiar game out of the closet. Keith watched as she took it into the kitchen to set it up. He followed her and watched.

"Would you like to play a game Mira?" He chuckled.

Mira nodded and smiled, and Keith sat down across from her, and picked out his piece and counted the money out.

They played for quite a while, eating left overs for supper. Even Clay joined them in the game, getting beaten very easily, seeing as he didn't quite grasp the concept of it.

"I still don't get it." He said.

Keith tried to explain again when the bell rang. Mira was the one who got up and answered it.

"May I help you?" She asked the woman.

Suddenly, there were many flashes and her eyes were blinded. Keith ran up to the door, and slammed it when difficulty when people stuck their arms in with mikes. Clay ran in.

"What happened? Is she alright?"

"She's fine. Who called the reporters?"

"REPORTERS!" Clay bellowed, unhappy with what Keith had told him.

They heard them scratching at the windows, and Keith ran up the stairs and found a group of people, who included Cecili, with signs against incest. He ran back down stairs.

"We gotta go!"

He told them about the protestors and they quickly got their stuff together, what they could put in a easy enough bag. Keith looked for a controller in his room from when he was Spectra. He had taken it from the ship he used to use. He found it and they each had a suitcase.

"I just hope we can contact Shun once we get there, from what I heard, Marucho may be luxiorous, but Shun is much more homey."

Mira looked at him. Clay pressed the button and the portal opened. They jumped through, Keith's arms around his pregnant sister as they tunneled through the portal.

Shun Kazami was walking along the trail behind his house. He was glad that it dried up enough from the rain that he could walk on it. He raised the chewy bar to his mouth and watched as a portal in front of him opened up. Three people came out of it, one falling on his ass.

Keith looked up at Shun with the bar sticking out of his mouth.

"Does nothing surprise you?"

"Nope." Shun reached up and broke the bar and took in the rest into his mouth as he looked at Keith.

"Should've guessed…Listen, my sister and father and I need a place to stay, can you help?"

"What happened to your place?"

"It's being over run by reporters and protestors."



Shun nodded and turned around to lead them back to his home. Mira followed, being careful of the bits of roots and large trunks that jutted out of the ground. With the help of Keith and Shun, she was able to get over a large tree that had fallen over. She was on Shun's back, back to back, their arms linked. Keith stayed behind him incase Mira started to slip.

"This is not fun!" She whined.

"Mira," Clay started, "Would you rather your stomach be against his back?"


"Then stop complaining." Keith told her.

Mira huffed. 

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