Not Just Another Night

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Dan ran down the sidewalk, knowing if he was late, Runo would half kill him. He hurdled over a couple of men carrying a woman's couch into her apartment.

"Sorry!" He yelled back, and continued running down to Runo's parents café.

He ran into the shop and right into a angry looking Runo.


"DANIEL YOU ARE LATE!" She yelled at him, her blue pigtails looking like horns to him at the moment.

"Sorry! Mom wanted me to stay home for lunch today!"

"You couldn't have called?"

"I didn't think of it!"

"APPARENTLY NOT!" She yelled again, her fists by her side.

Dan quickly moved away as fast as he could, not wanting to be in hitting range of Runo. He helped her father move around some boxes in the back.

"Wow Runo can get angry really easily." Dan told him.

"Yes, well, she is a lot like her mother in that area." Mr. Masaki told Daniel, who looked at him confused.

He just shrugged it off and continued to help the man around the backroom.

Around supper, Dan came out and got something to eat along with Runo's family. It was Miso soup that night, and Runo had made it. This made Dan slightly nervous, he never had Runo's cooking. He accepted a bowl of it from her and sat with the rest of her family. As they ate, her parents discussed money issues while Dan and Runo looked boredly at them.

Dan looked at Runo, a look that easily said, Can we go upstairs? I don't want to listen to your parents argue over money matters.

Runo smiled and nodded, and both excused themselves from the table, running up the stairs and into Runo's room. Dan turned around and quickly shut the door, locking it.

"Do your parents always do that?"

Runo sighed.

"Yeah, it's nonstop. Dad wants to upgrade the shop, but mom wants to leave it the way it is."

"Oh." Dan said, not sure what he could say at all, or what he could say that wouldn't get him hurt by a mallet.

He sat at her desk and watched as she changed out of her day clothes and into her night clothes. By the time Runo had her shirt on, Dan's cock was harder then ever. He covered it easily with his hand, as if he was just lazing there. Runo finished and went to the bathroom to wash her hair and brush it. Dan followed her of course, and sat on the toilet as she easily washed it in the shower.

"Why don't you just take a shower?"

"Because I took one this morning, but because Dad didn't want me to waste anymore hot water, I couldn't wash my hair."


Runo finished and brushed her hair out, putting it into the two low pigtails that she usually put in for bed.

"Let's go relax." She said with a smile.

Dan nodded his head and smiled back at her, getting up and following her to her room.

They sat watching a dancing dvd, Riverdance it was called. He didn't understand the idea of people randomly tap dancing to music, but Runo loved it. They watched as a red-head danced across the stage, and he looked at Runo, and in his mind, he could see her doing that. He sat there with his head on hers as she watched the dvd, and daydreamed about Runo flying easily across the stage in a golden and silver dress hanging off her shoulders, her legs, black with nylons, and black tap shoes on her feet, dancing like a goddess.

He didn't notice when the credits were flying by their eyes as he thought more and more, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Daniel!" Runo shouted, now turned around and facing him.

Dan jumped out of his daydream and looked at her.

"Sorry Runo, guess I let my mind get away from me."

"Pervert." She said, one cheek puffed out and a angry look on her face.

Dan took one look at the puffed out cheek.

"If I wasn't before I am now."

"UGH!" Runo crawled into bed, Dan after her.

He put his arm around her waist, and she turned to look at him.



"What were you daydreaming about?"

He smiled.


"I know that!"

He laughed.

"I guess I let my mind get carried away while we were watching that DVD. I kept imagining it was you dancing across that stage."

Runo blushed.


He nodded and kissed her. She kissed him back.

"So you weren't being perverted?"

"Earlier I was when you were undressing in front of me."


He laughed again and kissed her. Runo nuzzled him and smiled. Of course. It was Dan. No matter what. She laughed at herself.

"What's so funny?" Dan asked, smiling.

"Nothing." She started to pull herself closer to him, making their bodies touch.

Dan took in a sharp breath and held it. He knew Runo was just starting to become sexual with him, but he was much more and she knew it. She pressed against him, kissing his neck as his hands wandered her body. He had only barely touched the small of her back when she let out a small moan. He knew that was her favorite spot, and he slowly rubbed a large circle on it while she writhed in his arms, making tiny mewling sounds. She blushed lightly and put her mouth on his collar bone, knowing it was his favorite spot as she gently nibbled, making him moan out.

Both stopped and Dan soon rolled over Runo, making her lay on her back. He started to kiss her again as he moved his top half to do so, his hand rubbing her breast and sliding down her stomach, making her anxious. She felt his fingers playing with the top of her panties as he slowly pulled them down. She bit her lip, knowing what he was going to do, but was a bit scared. She only ever had gone so far with Dan, but this time, she wanted to go a bit further. No, not a bit, she wanted to go all the way with him.

She bit down on her lip when he kissed her neck and slid his finger in her, moving it around, making her moan out. She tilted her head back a bit when his mouth found her nipple through her cotton shirt. He sucked gently, as usual. She felt like her bladder was filling up as he continued to torture her pussy even more, making her so wet that his hand was starting to get wet from moving it around down there.

Runo cried out and arched her back as the door opened and her mother walked in.

"Keep it wrapped down there Daniel!" She said, throwing a box of condoms at the embarrassed couple.

She left the room, closing the door behind her.


"JUST GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE DOING!" Runo whined and yelled.

Dan chuckled and shimmied out of his pants, releasing his member as he done so. He grabbed the condoms and put one on. He kissed her before putting her legs on his shoulders and thrusting into her slowly. Runo gritted her teeth as she felt her hyman tear and bleed. Her eyes teared up and she clutched at his shoulders.

"Runo, are you alright?"

Runo looked up at him as the tears fell, and she could see that he was very concerned. She nodded and smiled, showing past the small amount of pain that she was slightly feeling.

Dan slowly thrusted, his hands behind her knees as he was thrusting, keeping her legs apart. He bent down and kissed her lips, dragging his tongue over them, making her gasp as he thrusted his tongue into her hot cavern of a mouth. Runo's face reddened more as she felt the hot organ in her throb with pleasure from being in her.

She tilted back her head as his mouth and tongue traveled to her neck, sucking and kissing. She moaned and let his member drive even deeper, harder, and much more hotter into her pussy, driving her crazy as she came so hard on him, lighting them both on fire.

"Runo! My god your so tight!" Dan moaned, his body sparking along his spine as he drove himself deep, and came into the condom and her.

She could feel it as it shot out into the rubber item and cried out, knowing that it was hot as she felt her walls shiver, cumming again.

They both panted when he pulled out, and got up, shaking. Dan's legs were shaky as he reached down, and pulled off the condom, making sure that no cum spilt out. He rolled it up and dropped it in the bottom of Runo's trash can, grabbed a tissue and wiped his cock clean. He pulled his pants back on, and crawled back into bed with her.

They both soon fell asleep, loving each other still as they always have, and always will. 

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