Just Slaves

BY : KISSRockette
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The alarm sounded through out the moving home as Ace, Dan, Mira, Marucho, Baron, Shun, and Cecili rushed around, trying to get a hold of their Bakugan and find the problem.

Ace took the control room along with Baron, Dan, and Cecili while Marucho, Shun, and Mira took the rest. It wasn't long after that Cecili suddenly passed out, falling in front of her boyfriend, Ace.

"Cecili!" Ace cried out, bending to pick her up when he felt a hit to the head, and fell on top of her, blood falling from the wound.

Dan ran back into the main room from the side, and was hit hard on the neck, causing him to pass out onto the floor.

Baron, who was in the kitchen, checking the alarm system hidden in the food closet, turned around and slammed into the shelf.

"Spec-" He fell to the floor, a can of food hitting him in the head.

"Well, looks like you didn't need me to hit you." The intruder said.

He smirked, and looked around. He shut the alarm off, and transported Baron out of the building.

He went out, and transported Dan, then over to Ace, and transported him. He then transported himself, not leaving behind a single trace of his being there.

Cecili came to, sitting up and holding her head.

"Ace?" She looked around, and noticed a bit of blood near her, "ACE!" She got up, and started searching for him.


Ace opened his eyes, and he blinked, unsure of where he could have been. He felt something around his body, something restricting. He tried to speak, but found that he had something in his mouth. At this point, Ace suddenly shot up. He looked around, and then down at himself, shocked to see he was in nothing but a chain bondage suit. He could feel the cold metal in his ass crack, and squeezes his eye shut, trying to do the same with his mouth, but he tasted metal, and then he could feel chains pressing into the side of his face, his cheeks. He realized he was gagged. He looked down again, and saw that the chains didn't go around his bear legs, but they came up around his thighs, over his limp cock and up criss-crossed over his stomach. A chain went under his chest, then one went up through the middle, and around his neck. His arms were bounded behind him. He looked up, tears sliding down his face, and he knew, that this wasn't Cecili's work.


Baron's eyes fluttered open, and he tried to sit up, only to find he couldn't. He moved his shoulders a bit, and felt rope on his body, in the same fashion as Ace's. He suddenly sat up with his might, and let out a scream of pain when the rope gave him a burning in his ass crack on his limp cock, and he quickly laid back down. He tasted rope in his mouth, and knew, he was bounded and gagged. He glared as he looked around, his ears perked to hear more. His breathing became panting as he looked around, trying to figure out where he was.

"Ace? Dan?" His voice was muffled by the few pieces of rope in his mouth.

He finally let his body go limp, scared that he was causing harm by tensing himself as tight as the rope was. He shut his eyes, and hoped, that if he fell asleep, he would wake up, and be back in his own bed, not this hell.


Dan lifted his head, and felt along it to make sure he wasn't bleeding. He sat up, and went to rub his arms when he noticed they were bare. He looked at himself in the mirror, and saw nothing but leather pants, a leater top that went around his chest, and left his shoulders bare. He also saw stitches in his lips, sowing his mouth shut.

He let tears fall down his face, and got up, walking close to the mirror as he felt his lips, feeling the raised ridges that was the thick, black thread. He shook as he looked around, trying to figure out where he was. He didn't dare try to move his mouth, knowing that it could be extremely painful. He wondered if he still had Drago, and looked around, frantically searching, and realized, he was gone. 

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