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Sharrad High wasn't very fun, not for a lonely girl like Suki Kazami. Her older brother was gone and in college, but she had to suffer four years of horrible high school. None of her schools were fun. Sharrad, Meji, Nomack, or Gerad, or so she thought.

Suki Kazami smiled as she remembered her high school years. Her brother, Shun, lived with her since his break up with Alice.

She snapped out of her memories and looked at him as he made something quick for lunch.

"I hope your making enough for the two of us!" Suki said.

"I think a couple packages of Ramen Noodles is enough for two of us Suki." Shun said, looking back without turning his head and smiling.

Suki got up, and stretched, going up behind him to scare him.

"Nice try sis." He said, then turned his head enough to fully see her.

"Aw." Suki playfully smacked Shun on the back, "I'm gonna go into my room, I got that book out of the library and I wanna start it before I don't have the time at all to do so."

"Yep." Shun said, and stirred the noodles while Suki went into her room.

She fell over onto her bed on purpose, leaving her book on the desk and rolling onto her back, smiling as she thought more and more about Keith Clay, a bright boy with a smart head on his shoulders. She closed her eyes, and daydreamed about a certain day in her ninth grade year.

Suki closed her locker door, and jumped when she saw Senior Basketball Player Keith Clay leaning against the one next to hers, his hands tucked into his jeans and his ankles crossed.

"Having fun Suke?" He asked, his blond bangs slightly in his eyes.

"Not really Keith." She said, and saw Mylene Pharaoh, the Senior Cheerleader Captain glaring at her from the corner of her eye, and she quickly turned down a hall, and pretty much ran from him.

She heard someone running after her, and thought it was that blue haired bitch, and she ran faster, ducking into a classroom the minute she turned the corner. She fell into a chair, breathing hard as she heard someone else breathing as well, she turned around, and saw Keith leaning against the door. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Nice try, I saw your foot. Why did you run like that?"

Suki sat there, her mouth gaped open as he turned and closed the door, pulling down the blind as they heard Mylene and her group run by.

"I-I'm sorry." Suki whispered.

"Is it because of her?"

"Yes. I know your going out…"

"Suki," Keith went over, and put his fingers under her chin and lifting her head, "I ain't dating her. I don't even like her. I don't get where you people get the concept that the two most popular people in the high school is dating each other. I don't even want to be this popular."

"You don't?" Suki asked, looking at him.

Keith grabbed a chair, and sat on it backwards, his arms folded over the back.

"No, but my asshole of a father wants me to be, and I guess I gotta."

"Just to save your ass from him."

"Yeah, but, I don't mind. Not any more."

"Why?" Suki asked.

She watched as he dug something out of his book bag, and handed it to her. It was a acceptance from a college.

"I'm going to move. I like playing basketball, but I don't want to do it for my idiot of a father. I want to play because I like it. Once I'm in college, I can really be myself, and not what everyone else wants me to be."

She smiled slowly at the letter. Not from what it said, but from what he said. That he wanted to be who he wanted to be, not who his father wanted him to be.

She felt his hand under her chin again, and this time, she put her head up without his hand, only to find him kissing her. She kissed him back just as softly as he kissed her. She groaned when she felt his lips leave hers, then she looked up as he got up, pushed the chair away, and reached down, pulling her out of her chair.

Suki let him take her by the hand, and lead her away from the desks. She then looked around for the first time, realizing she was in the library. She then knew where he was heading, and she brought a hand up between her breasts, and started to sweat. She felt as he brought her around to the front, and roughly kiss her.

She let his tongue into her mouth as he picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he held one there, and his other hand on her lower back. Keith brought his tongue out, and opened his eyes as he lowered himself to his knees. He could see her cheeks flaring red as he kissed her lips, keeping his eyes open and his mouth as he slid his tongue back into hers.

Suki moaned as he laid her on the bean bags behind a row of books on the shelves in the very back corner. She let his lips wander to her neck, under her chin and licked there, the tip of his tongue flicking as he smirked, feeling her shaking against his body.

He pulled away, and looked down to see that her legs were still over his, around his waist.

"Suki, your beautiful." He murmured against her shoulder as he pulled down the strap to her tank and kissed it.

Suki moaned and let his arms go around her body. She could feel his wet tongue kissing her everywhere he could manage without hurting either of them.

"Mm, Keith!" She moaned again as he lifted her shirt, kissing at her bare breasts.

He took her tank off over her head, and continued to lick and suck on the hardened nipples. She made small noises in her throat as she arched against his touch, her breasts raising into the air, into his mouth.

His hand slipped under her skirt, pushing it up as he felt along her panties, feeling how wet they were as he pulled them off, kissing her neck.

She put her hand on his shoulder as he reached down and slipped in two of his fingers, and he felt a thin membrane.

"Your still a virgin, aren't you?"

Suki blushed hard.


"I'll be gentle."

"Yes." She blushed and closed her eyes, feeling his thumb rotating her clit.

She moaned out, arching again into his hand as he stopped, and reached a bit further to undo his own jeans, letting out his length. She could feel him throbbing against her pussy as she turned her head away, letting him kiss her on her neck.

She moaned out louder as he probed her hole. Keith gently started to slide in, feeling the warmth take in his length as he pushed in more. She cried out when he finally broke through, and felt a trickle slide out of her, and down her ass. Both of them tried to steady their breathing, as to not let anyone know they were having sex during school hours. It was lunch break, but that wouldn't stop the teachers from giving them after school detention.

She sat up enough to kiss him and slightly move her hips against his thighs to let him know he could start moving in her. Keith gently laid her back down, and bent over her, kissing her as he started to move his hips, holding onto one of her legs as he moved his foot to the ground, and held her leg to his hip.

She could feel him rubbing over her g-spot each time he pushed in and pulled out thanks to how she was inclined against his body.

She heard his moan of pleasure as he throbbed in her, and she could feel his hand now up by her face, his fingertips touching her cheek, his head resting next to hers on the beanbag. She brought her arms up and rested them on his shoulders, and gave a slight moan herself.

Suddenly, Keith shot up, reaching the point of no return, gritting his teeth so that he wouldn't let out a cry. She could feel her own climax creeping, and she felt his thumb on her clit, rotating it. She bit down on his shoulder when she sat up, her eyes wide, shaking with her orgasm as she muffled a cry. She then felt his cock slightly grow bigger, then suddenly, he released. He cried out, biting down on her shoulder as he done so to muffle his own cry.

Suki hugged him, kissing his cheeks as he panted slightly and pulled out, gasping as he done so. He helped her get her clothes back on, and then his own member tucked back into his underwear and pants, putting his school jacket back on. He licked his lips, then kissed her again.

There was a knock on Suki's door, and she jolted out of her memory.

"Suki! It's Shun, you gonna have lunch or not?"

Suki laughed to herself and got up, going to the kitchen for some lunch. 

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