Life Is A Road

BY : KISSRockette
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The morning was thick with hot hair, and Khloe Wilder was sitting in her room with the fan pointing at her, waving her hand in front of her face, her blond hair pulled back into a long ponytail. Her red eyes were on Anubias, who was talking to her through a web cam.

"Why don't you just get a cold shower?" He asked, knowing she was hotter then hell in more ways then one.

She glared at him.

"Great idea, let me get into a shower that's being FIXED."

Anubias shrugged.

"Sheesh, just making a suggestion."

"I know. The weather is killing me!" She said, and went to grab her soda, only to see she didn't have any left, "AWWW!"

Anubias laughed, music could be heard from his end.

"Still working on the music for the little kids dance thing?" Khloe asked.

"Yep." He said, putting on the song Tootsee Roll to see if it was appropriate for their age group.

"That song I think talks about a woman shaking her ass and hips."

He quickly changed it to One Two Step.

"Maybe you should have let Keith-"


She laughed, "Keith doesn't have pink hair! He's blond!"

"Then what is with the eyebrows? And I've seen the bush in the locker room!"

Khloe blushed, putting her head down laughing hard.

"He's a guy! A guy!" Khloe laughed.

Anubias smiled, knowing he was getting her laughing.

But he didn't know, that him and Keith, were only two of the males Khloe liked, and couldn't make up her mind of who was the best.

Anubias stood a easy five foot eleven inches, white hair similar to Shadow and Keith, reptile eyes that told everyone that he was another race called Gundalian. He was very handsome, if only there wasn't the other two, then again, that's the very thought she thought every time she saw one of the three boys.

Khloe lipped to the song Love Story as it wafted from Anubias's computer.

"Hey, come on over." She said.

"Too far to walk." He replied

Khloe looked at him.

"Your across the street! NOW!"

"Alright already!" He said, turned off his computer.

Khloe laughed.

She opened her door to let Anubias in as he heard a drill going in the bathroom.

"I hope that drill is being used r-IGHT!" He laughed when she went behind him, pushing him into her room.


"At least I ain't Shadow!" He said.

"Ain't that ever true." Khloe crossed her eyes.

He smiled, making her heart jump to her throat. Anubias sat next to her, and she leaned against him.

She could smell the soap he had used before he came over to wash up, and her lips turned up, making a pretty smile on her face.

"Khloe, I want to tell you something." He said, a slight blush on his face as he hid his eyes with his white bangs.

"What?" Her chest kept tightening, hoping it would be what she wanted him to say.

"I love you." He said softly.

Khloe was so much prepared for a hate chat, that she almost didn't register what he had said. She looked at him, blinking, her red eyes wide.


"I'm sorry, I'll l-"

"Don't leave!" She grabbed his arm to stop turned his head, and brushed his lips against hers, not realizing how close they were. Khloe and him blushed, looking at each other. Reptile eyes met soft Red ones, and they leaned in, kissing each other for the first time. She flinched and pulled away when she heard someone enter her room, and she looked up, only seeing her baby puppy.

"Perhaps I should close the door." She said, and he agreed.

Getting up, her skirt caught on the belt on his body, since she was pressed against him, and tore as she stood. They both blushed. Khloe from her skirt tearing, and Anubias from seeing the pink panties. She looked back at him, seeing him staring at her ass which was nearly in his face, blushing the brightest red he could manage.

She giggled.

"What?" He looked up.

"You're a Darkus, yet your blushing red!"

"Now it would be pretty fucking funny if I blushed black." He said, making her laugh as she shut the door.

She got back on the bed, only to have him push her down.


"Please god let me take you." He said, his breath slightly warm.

Khloe knew it should be a no, but the word out of her mouth was so much different.

"Now." She said.

He nodded, kissing her jaw line and down to her throat. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hoping he would hurry. She curled into him just a tiny bit, enough to press her body completely against his as he was taking her shirt off.

"Sorry, first time." She said, looking away as he looked at her, and blinked.

He nodded and finished taking her top off. He noted she didn't wear a bra, too hot out.

"Hurry up!" She begged him, making him chuckle as he took the belts and his outfit off quickly, along with hers, leaving them completely naked.

Khloe shifted a bit, moist between her legs as he went to pry them apart. She squeaked when he finally did, revealing her pinkness to him as he was standing hard against her. She felt his dick rubbing against her clit, making a thrusting motion to make her even wetter.

She felt the head slide in, and she looked at him. Anubias could see tears in her eyes from stretching, and he knew he had to take it easy. He slowly pushed in, breaking past a membrane that was called her virginity. Khloe cried out, the hot tears sliding down her face. She sniffed and looked up at him as he was over her, waiting for a answer, concerned.

"M-move." She said, holding her fists to her mouth, covering her hardened pink nipples.

He wanted to push her arms away and lick them, but thought better as he slowly thrusted. He wanted to get her used to this before he did anything else, but then, he thought of something: he could take her mind off by kissing her.

He leaned down, and took her lips with his, thrusting slightly faster as she moaned. Her back arched against his chest, pressing together her breasts and his chest. Her nipples glazed his as they moved in small circles while he thrusted.

She bit his shoulder, wanting her release faster then anything. Khloe bit and scratched his shoulders, making small lines or marks. He didn't mind, but he did gasp when she scratched his bare neck, the skin soft where belts normally rested on his shoulders.

Her hips bucked up, and she cried out, climaxing around his shaft. Anubias grunted as he tried to contain himself, but found it was nearly impossible. He couldn't stop his own climaxing as her walls pulsing threw him over the edge, and he held her close to him, shaking hard as he released his seed in her.

Khloe laid in bed that night, and wondered since she's had Anubias, could she have Keith Clay? And what about the other boy she liked? Shun Kazami? She fell asleep, falling into a dream world filled with these three boys.


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