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Yet again, Shun Kazami won another brawl against Jesse Glenn, who was growling at him. Jesse was sick of losing to this brawler, to this…human, but that wasn’t the only reason Jesse was upset. Jesse liked Shun. Liked him more then he should be liking a boy, nevermind the fact Shun wasn’t a Gundalian.
He headed to a alley, and transported himself back to Gundalia.
“Jesse!” Came a happy, but deep voice.
He sighed, put on a fake smile, and turned to face Lena Isis.
“Well Hello to you too.” She said.
“What do you want Lena?”
“To see if you brought anyone back, but obviously not!”
“Obviously not. Good job, you can use your eyeballs.” Jesse said, and sat down, reading his book.
Lena growled.
“Look, if your gonna go to Bakugan Interspace, bring back a human for Emperor Barodious’s purposes! Not to brawl that Ventus-Ninja freak!” Lena nearly yelled, and continued to bitch at Jesse.
Ren, Sid, and Zenet all looked at them, waiting for Lena to finally make her point.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP LENA!” Jesse yelled, shocking everyone.
Lena stood there, more shocked then anyone.
“Don’t J-Jesse me Lena! I’m sick of you freaking out at me! I’m not the only one who fucks up around here! Go shove a dildo up your ass!” He turned on the spot, and transported back to Interspace.
Lena, blushing, turned around to see everyone cracking up.

Shun walked along side of a blond haired Vestal.
“So…you were in Gundalia?” Shun asked her.
“Kidnapped. I told you.”
“By who?”
“I don’t know. Their scientist?”
Cecili shrugged, and turned to her niece next to her, Khloe wilder. While the two talked, Shun noticed a light off in one of the alley ways, and detored away from the girls. He peered around the corner to see a very upset and grumbling Jesse Glenn.
“Something wrong?”
Jesse gave a cry and whipped around.
“Fucking A Shun!”
Jesse scratched his head in a annoying fashion, then looked at Shun with wild eyes.
“Look, I’m sorry, but Lena has me in a pinch right now!”
“Lena Isis?”
“No, Lena Bitcher.”
Shun stifled a laugh. Jesse looked at him, a smile broadening on his face. Shun quickly gained composure, and looked at him.
“Shun, come here.” Jesse said.
“Just do it.”
Shun went over to him, aware of a attack. Jesse grabbed his arms, and before the ninja could react, pulled him to his chest in a crushing kiss. Shun’s eyes widened, and he breathed through his nose, feeling a tongue trace his lower lip.
Jesse’s arms tightened around him, and finally he let Shun go, who staggered back, a hand to his mouth.
“Wow…” Was all Shun managed to say.
Jesse smirked, and started towards him. Blushing, Shun looked up, unable to register what was going on. Shun found himself against his body with a hand down his pants. Shun moaned out, rocking his hips into Jesse’s hand. His face turned a pink at the cheeks, and his eyes closed, rocking faster, feeling pleasure in his shaft.
Jesse knew it didn’t take much to get this boy going. He may be a ninja, but it only made his nerves even more sensitive. Jesse doubt that Shun was still a virgin, not with the stories from Dan saying how many times Shun’s been laid behind his grandfather’s back.
He looked up, and even tho the alley was dark enough that no one would see the two boys unless they stared into it for a bit to see two figures, they would be able to hear Shun. He turned Shun’s head towards his neck, making his moans muffled. Shun groaned, and grinded his hips.
Jesse took his hand away, and the other Ventus brawler groaned. He knew he was only rushing into it, but he really didn’t care. He wanted this. It would keep his mind from that freaking bitch back in Gundalia. It was starting to work, he was focusing on Shun more then her.
Shun looked up at him, blushing, now needing that release he nearly got. Jesse tore at Shun’s clothes, and the ninja gasped when air hit him. He looked down at his now naked body, and quickly tried to cover himself up, but Jesse wasn’t having it. He grabbed Shun by his arms, and yanked him into another kiss. Shun’s body now was shaking hard, and he didn’t really care.
Jesse pushed him over, making him scrap his knees on the ground. Shun looked up, and into his eyes. He groaned when Jesse took himself, seeing the pulsing member made his insides lurch with want. He pushed himself up with his arms, only to feel hands around his ankles.
They moved up his leg until reaching his thighs, then his body was lifted. The position he was in reminded him of a game called Wheelbarrow. He looked behind him, and suddenly realized that he wasn’t prepped for this.
He braced himself as Jesse pushed against him. He blushed, and bit the insides of his cheeks, and squeezed his eyes shut as Jesse pushed in. He tasted blood in his mouth, and tears pricked his eyes. He spit it out and looked back.
“Are you ok?” Jesse asked, now regretting rushing into this.
Shun nodded, and wiggled his hips to show he wanted more. Jesse nodded back, and held Shun by his hips, thrusting into him. Shun moaned out, his eyes shut tight, his eyebrows in a position that if anyone saw him when he didn’t have a dick up his ass, they probably think he was worried about something.
Jesse smirked at that moan, and rolled his hips. Shun’s eyes widened, and he watched as people passed the alley way, not realizing that two boys were having sex in there. He felt drool coming from the sides of his mouth as his arms supported his upper body.
Tho they were shaking, Shun kept them strong. He moaned out again as his legs widened a bit. He knew his member would be neglected, there was nothing to really do at the moment for that as Jesse thrusted. Shun gave a cry, and tears fell down his face.
Jesse continued, panting slightly. He looked down to see Shun throw his head back and give a loud cry. Someone stopped, and looked into the alley. Jesse kept still, and Shun stared ahead, trying to keep his voice closed.
The girl shrugged and moved on, allowing both boys to let out their breath. Shun bit his lip when Jesse continued to thrust, and much more quickly. Shun quietly moan, not wanting to get caught again as his prostate was brushed.
“M-my arms…” He moaned, and Jesse slowly got to his knees, allowing Shun to lay on his stomach while thrusting.
Shun kept his head up, and moaned out again. His shirt stopped his chest from getting chafed as his fingers scratched the ground. He closed his eyes again, and started to wiggle his hand between him and the ground.
As Jesse pumped into him, he pumped into his hand, partly protecting his member from getting hurt on the ground under him, and partly out of pleasure as he moaned. Jesse bent down, and wrapped his arms around the middle of Shun’s torso, and pulled him up. The ninja’s hand was still on his shaft, then it wrapped around, stroking himself as the other thrusted into him.
Shun laid his head back on Jesse’s shoulder, and the other continued their nearly restricted dance. Jesse lifted Shun’s shirt as he watched him get ready to release, and smirked. Shun bit his tongue, drawing a bit more blood and came on his stomach and hand. He felt the other release deep in him, grunting his pleasure all the while.
Jesse pulled out, and got up. He cleaned himself off best he could, got situated, and looked down at the spent Ventus brawler.
“Don’t mind me.” He smirked, and suddenly disappeared before Shun’s eyes.
Shun sat there, smiling, panting, his chest heaving as Dan came around the corner.
“DUDE! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?” Dan yelled, assuming a rape.
Marucho, Khloe, Cecili, Ren, and Jake came running. The girls screamed, but Khloe ran, as Cecili yanked Shun to his feet. Jake picked him up, and allowed Marucho to transport them to the main office. Ren stayed, talking with Dan, but in his head, he knew full well what happened. He had a feeling Jesse would be in a better mood that night.

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