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The moon was full, and high in the sky as the snow on the ground glittered in early December. The pine trees dark against the dark blue sky glittering as much as the snow with the stars. A sliver of light crept through a window of a house, and shone across the floor, then a pile of clothes, then a bed, and finally, two boys, one tanned, the other pale.
The tanned boy had his arm around the pale boys waist, both facing each other. The tanned ones name was Keith Clay, a man from Vestal. His hair was spiky and blond, his closed eyes blue, and his body naked.
The pale boy had his arm around the Keith’s waist, his name was Anubias, a reptiled eyed Gundalian. He had white, spiky hair, and reminded the Vestal strongly of a old friend.
Anubias stirred, and woke up. He smiled as he looked into the sleeping boys face, and curled up to him more.
He stroked Keith’s face, smiling as he sighed in his sleep.
“Keith.” He whispered.
Keith barely stirred.
“Keith.” He said, barely louder.
Yet again, Keith didn’t move.
A moan. Anubias smirked, and quickly got underneath the covers. He scooted his way down the other’s naked body, and slid over his legs, laying between them. He felt Keith move onto his back, and the Vestal snuggled a bit into the sheets, but never woke up.
The younger male looked up, and could see that the other was slightly hard, probably from a sexy dream. Anubias scooted his way up until he was in perfect alignment with the other’s member. Poking his tongue out between his lips, Anubias gripped Keith under his thighs, and moved his legs further apart, licking at the slowly hardening member.
He took the head into his mouth, and sucked gently, feeling Keith’s shaft swell with blood. He heard a noise, and stopped, waiting to see if Keith was awake. When he didn’t hear anymore, he took in a little bit more of him, slowly moving his head.
He bobbed, licked up his length and down the other side, stroking him. His hand was on the Darkus brawler’s balls when he felt movement.
“What the…” Keith yawned, then stretched.
Anubias crawled up, and poked his head out of the blanket enough for Keith to see his face.
“What the fuck…”
Keith laughed, and Anubias slid back under the blankets and sheet. The blond tried to peek, but the other yanked the sheet so that he couldn’t be seen, and took him back in. Keith moaned, his eyes shutting and his mouth opened.
He wanted to roll his hips, but he didn’t even dare to try. He was still sensitive from having sex the first time, nearly three hours before. His hand gripped the sheet above his head, and he turned his head to the right. He moaned as Anubias continued to bob his head on his shaft, sucking harder each time he went up.
“P-please!” He begged, wanting his release.
Anubias smirked, and sat up. He was hard himself, but he wanted to torture the Vestal more. He got up, grabbed the lubrication, and went back to the bed. He poured a little from the blue tube, and threw it onto the floor, not caring if he closed it or not.
He pushed his finger into Keith’s passage, making the other boy tense up, and grit his teeth at the cold feeling of the menthol, and he brought his legs up, holding them at behind his knees.
He moaned as his muscles relaxed, and Anubias added a second finger, making Keith seize up again. As his body slowly relaxed, he gripped his legs even more. It was clear from the way he was pulsing on the inside that he was close to release, if Anubias continued.
Keith groaned as the other took his fingers from his ass, and sat up.
“Come on!” He whined.
“You hang on.”
Keith whined. Anubias smirked. He reached down, and stroked himself a bit, listening to the mewling coming from Keith for sex. He got over him, looking him directly in the eyes. Keith let go of his legs, and let them wrap around the other’s waist and kept his arms by his head, looking at him.
Anubias slowly pushed in, making Keith’s eyes widened and gasp, then he moaned. The white haired Gundalian smirked as he slowly thrusted, making Keith’s eyes water and close. He watched Keith’s hair gently move as he thrust, and smirked.
“Liking it?”
He begun to speed up, and watched as Keith groaned and moaned. The blond’s eyes shutting and his hands clenching the sheet above his head, a flush spreading across his face, neck, and chest. His stomach started to glisten with sweat.
He threw his head back and cried out, the tears slipping down his cheeks. Anubias bent over, holding Keith by his ass, and licked the tears away, even though they were tears of pleasure. When Anubias gave Keith’s prostate a shove, the blond Vestal shrieked with pleasure, his deep voice cracking a bit.
He watched as the others eyes widened, and then groaned. Keith was soon turned onto his side, and he constantly hitting his sweet spot everytime he moved. Anubias could feel the other starting his climax, feeling him starting to pulse.
Keith’s deep voice cried out as he came hard, spilling his seed on the sheet and his thigh. The white liquid was hot and sticky on him, and he groaned. Anubias gave a few thrusts, and painted Keith’s walls white.

They laid there in the morning sun, both awake. Anubias laid behind Keith, stroking his hair. It wouldn’t be long until Anubias would die, but still, the time they had together was epic enough for them.

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