Happy Birthday Kirika

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Watching her sing and dance up on that stage made the Darkus brawlers heart flutter. Her red hair swung around in it’s ponytail, and she looked directly at him. As she moved with her hips, she made a heart with her hands, and Keith knew it wasn’t part of her dance.
He smiled, made one back, then crossed his arms again. The warm night air blew on his bare arms. The tank he wore was not exactly his best idea ever, and found himself growing cold in the warm breeze.
“Wasn’t my best idea.” He found himself saying outloud, and a female gave him a weird look and moved away from him.
He noticed, shrugged it off, and walked around to the back of the stage. He entered a dressing room that had a star with the name Kirika on it, and sat down at the dressing table, crossing his leg and leaning on one arm on the table.
He could still hear her singing, and smiled, singing the words with her in a low, deep, soft voice. He had a smile on his face, and looked up at the clock in her room. It was nearly time for the concert to end, and he smiled, a thought going through his mind.
Kirika was going to need a muscle relaxer from dancing for the past six hours non stop, her vocal cords could use tea, but her body, that was going to be a completely different medicine in his mind. It was another seven minutes, and Kirika came into her room, drop dead tired.
“Oh Keith, I’m so tired!”
He smiled, and stood up.
“Here, let me help.” He said, going to her and guiding her to the couch in her room.
“I just want to rest.” She said, just as Keith got up and went to the little microwave she had in her room.
She smiled as he made her a cup of Raspberry tea, and handed it to her. He smiled, and bent down, letting her take the cup after he kissed her forehead. She took it, and sipped it. It was red, and tasted delicious. She closed her eyes and took in the scent.
“Oh Keith, this is only one of the many reasons that I know for a fact why I love you.”
Keith laughed, and her blue eyes opened to his Vestal blue eyes. She held her hot cup between her hands, watching as he took off his vest. Now she knew what he had in mind, and she liked it. As he got his tank off, he moved to her, and took the cup out of her hands, and stood her up.
Her dress slid easily off her body, and she smiled. Her breasts were in a soft, red, lacy bra. He liked it, he liked it very much. He thumbed her nipples gently through the fabric, making them stand hard against his fingers. She moaned softly, and looked up at him with a smile on her face.
“Keith, this ain’t fair. You still have your jeans on. I want them off.”
“I’ll have them off, when I get what I want from you.”
“How can you get what you want from me, if your dick is stuck behind these jeans of yours Keith?” She smirked, tugging on his waistband.
“Who says what I want, is behind my jeans?”
She blushed.
“Then what is it that you want?”
He got right close to her, their noses touching, and whispered.
“You to orgasm.”
Kirika blushed hard, and he yanked her hair from it’s ponytail. Her long red hair fell around her body, swirling a cloak to her waist. His thumbs were suddenly in her panties, yanking them off of her body. She stumbled back, and fell onto the couch, looking up at him.
She watched as he smirked, naked as the day she was born. He got onto his knees in front of her, and put her legs on his shoulders. She blushed hard, her blue eyes grew wide and her mouth opened in a gasp as he leaned forward, kissing above her clit.
She put her hands by her mouth, wondering what he would do even tho she already knew. He lips traveled just a bit lower, and he sucked gently on her clit. She moaned, and laid back as much as she could. His tongue flicked out and hit it, making her cry and her legs to jolt.
She put her hand on his head, keeping him to her. His tongue was slick as he continued, his hand coming up and pushing in a finger. He moved it, continuing to lick, and was moving his tongue harder. She cried out, rolling her hips towards him.
She closed her eyes, blushing hard. Her lips were open, letting her pant out loudly and at times moan or cry out. Her hand clenched in his blond hair, making his eyes water slightly. She cried out, and climaxed. Keith smirked, and stood up.
Kirika could see the bulge in his jeans. She was blushing, and was nearly on the floor. Keith hauled her up, and fell to his knees, making sure not a single part of Kirika touched the floor. He laid her back, then stood up. He quickly got out of his jeans and underwear, and sat back down.
Laying on her back, Kirika felt Keith pull her to him, and held her legs up his body while he sat on the floor, his legs on either side of her. She looked down, and saw him put her legs up his body, and held them there. The feeling of something throbbing at her core made her blush, and close her eyes.
She felt him lift her enough, and something push into her body. Kirika moaned, her red hair around her body like a pool of blood, shining in the light.
“Oh Keith.”
Keith smirked, his blue eyes wide. He thrusted, hoping to Vestal his ass didn’t get rug burn. He watched as Kirika closed one eye, and winced from the rug.
“Sorry babe.” He said, and he lifted her into his lap.
“That’s better.” She said, and laid her head on his shoulder.
He kissed her shoulder as he used his hands to cup her bottom, and gently bounce her. She moaned out softly, feeling how he slid out, then back in. She loved it, and knew he did too. As he bounced her, he kissed her, holding her tightly in his arms.
Her moans drove him to move faster. Her lifted her, and dropped her on his shaft, making Kirika cry out his name. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and smiled at him, kissing him when she wanted to. Her lips would touch his, and send him nearly over the edge each time.
He smiled, and started to roll his hips. She cried out, feeling him throb with each thrust. She reached down to feel him sliding in and out, slicker each time he pulled out. She looked up at him, and saw that he was smiling, but blushing.
“Glad I’m not the only one immensely enjoying this.” She said as she kissed him.
“Hell no. I’m enjoying this very much.”
“Good.” She said, kissing his neck.
Keith moaned lightly, and felt close to his climax. She cried out, and he felt her tighten around him repeatedly. He watched and listened at her reaction to her second one within the half hour. He suddenly cried out, jerking hard as he came within her.

The bed felt comfortable to him, as he laid there with her on his chest. Their air came in through the window, but he didn’t care, it fell good on his sweaty body. They had gone home, and yet again, didn’t even make it to the bedroom.
He smiled as he stroked Kirika’s long red hair, and kissed her forehead. Even in her sleep, Kirika smiled.

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