Kailani\'s Plan

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It was Valentine’s Day in Vestal, and Keith Clay was heading to his baby sister’s home with roses in his hand. He was smiling to himself as he looked up, seeing how sunny it was despite the cold chill that surrounded his body.
He hoped the roses wouldn’t randomly break when she touched them as he walked up the steps. He knocked on the door, and heard his sisters voice through the metal door.
“Keith? Is that you?”
Keith hung his head, then looked at the door.
“No. It’s a famous movie director from the porn business.”
He could actually hear his sister hitting her forehead and laughing. He heard the lock turning, and the sound of her grabbing the doorknob. She pulled the door open, and reached out, yanking Keith in by his collar.
She hugged her older brother, and tore away from him, shutting the door against the cold, cold breeze. She hugged her brother again, and rested her head on his shoulder, her arms around his waist. He smiled, and hugged her back.
“Calm down.” He said, and pulled away, handing her the roses.
“Aw Keith! Thanks!” She wrapped a arm around his neck, and kissed his cheek, then rushed off to put the flowers in a vase filled with water.
She came back in, and hugged her brother again.
“You gotta go don’t you?”
“Yeah, I need to pick something up for Kai.”
“Ok Big Brother.”
Keith and Mira gave each other a hug and kiss goodbye that a lot of close brother’s and sister’s give each other, and he left.

Kailani hummed a old song to herself that she used to love listening to as a teenager. The very one that she heard the night she met her husband. She scrubbed the dishes, and put them away, then looked at the clock.
“Better get ready.” She said, and quickly took Mason by the shoulder, guiding him to his room.
She put the kids to bed, and went to her own room, putting on a outfit, and smirking to herself.

Keith opened the kitchen door, walking in and slipping his boots off. He stretched, his arms going over his head with his fingers interlocked.
He heard heels clicking on the floor, getting closer.
“Hey babe.” He said, his deep voice sounding husky from being tired.
“Hey.” Her voice was low, and by the sound of her heels, Keith could tell she was in something.
“Oh boy.” He said to himself, closed his eyes, and turned around, and opened them.
His jaw dropped. Kailani was wearing a pair of five inch, purple sparkling high heels with a black bow at the peep toe. Purple and black thigh high stripped stockings. Open cupped ruffled spaghetti straps black lacy teddy with a hole in the crotch.
Keith could see that not a single piece of clothing had to come off of her. The holes were in the right areas.
She raised a hand, and made a come-here motion with her point finger, smirking. Keith dropped his jacket on the floor, and quickly followed her. His eyes were wide, and his dick was hard. He licked his lips as she went into their room.
She smirked, and grabbed him by his wrist. She yanked him forward, making them bump bodies. He blushed as she grinded against his member. He groaned, blushing harder. She still had to stand on her toes, despite the fact the heels were five inches to kiss his lips.
Keith kissed back, trying hard to control himself. He was about ready to just pounce on her, and rip that outfit off no matter if it had holes in it for fucking and grabbing or not. He brought a hand up, and grabbed a breast.
She jumped, then moaned into his mouth. He swallowed it, sliding his tongue into her cavern. She moaned as his hands moved down her waist, and cupped her ass. She opened her eyes, and he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind as she wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling.
“You like it.”
“I love it.”
Kailani giggled as Keith walked her to the bed, then dropped her. She laughed as she bounced, then watched as he lowered himself to the bed. She watched as he put her legs on his shoulders while she laid on her back, and watched as hands traced her legs.
He made it to her feet, and quickly took the heels off.
“Don’t need those poking me in the eyes.”
“Or poking them out.”
“Thanks babe.”
“No problem!”
Keith facepalmed but Kailani laughed. He kissed her heel, then moved down her leg. He let his mouth travel slowly, torturing her. He got to her thigh, licking gently as she squirmed. She kept her hands up by her head, shivering in delight.
She felt his breath over her mound, and she blushed. He poked his tongue out, and dragged it around the lips, swollen and already ready for his cock. He had a different plan as he pushed his tongue into the slit.
She moaned out when his tongue explored her folds. She moaned more when he pushed up to her clit, licking gently. He sucked her clit between his teeth, gently nibbling. She cried out, her climax closing in quickly.
Kailani cried out as he brought his hand up, pushing in a finger and moving it as he would his cock. She tensed up, and he drove his fingers into her hard. She released, and cried out, her back arching.
“There you go baby.”
She watched as he got up, and slowly undressed. He was standing hard as a rock. He put his knee on the bed, and she reached over, grabbing his shaft and stroking.
“Kai…” Keith moaned.
She moved her hand more, and slid over to him, taking the head of his dick in, and sucking on it. Keith moaned out, his eyes shut. He put a hand on her head and guided her. He gently fisted his hand in her hair as she bobbed her head.
She closed her eyes, and deepthroated him, swallowing a couple times to send shivers down his spine as she hummed. He groaned, and his cock throbbed in her mouth. She pulled away, and stroked his shaft. He petted her hair, and groaned as she continued.
She took the head back in, getting on all fours and bobbing her head quickly, making his shaft shine with her spit.
He groaned when she pulled away. Kailani got onto her back, and spread her legs. He got between them, kissing her until she laid on her back again. He reached down, and held his shaft as he pushed in, keeping himself steady while guiding his cock to her.
He sheathed himself, kissing her, and felt her breath as she gasped.
He moaned, and rested his forehead on hers.
“Let me rest for a second, if I don’t I’ll be coming in no time.”
“Alright.” She smiled, her insides tightening around him and he groaned.
Keith licked his lips, and gripped the bedding. Kailani raised her lower head, kissing his lips gently. Keith slipped his tongue in, and gently started to thrust. She moaned into his mouth, her arms wrapping around his neck.
He wrapped his around her body, and she realized he still had the same way of holding her as he did when they first made love. His thrusts were powerful still, and he was hard as ever. She fisted his hair in her hands, kissing and sucking on his lips.
He moaned as she nibbled his bottom lip. He opened his eyes, and smiled at her. He let a moan out when she tightened around him more, and became wetter. Kailani then moved to his neck, kissing him gently.
His movements started to quicken, and she locked her ankles behind his back.
He smiled, and traveled his tongue down her neck, then moved to a breast. The fabric of her outfit was under his hands. He wanted to rip it from her body, but he had what he wanted and needed from her.
She moaned his name when he sucked on her nipple, pulling it between his teeth and gently nibbling. He let his lips be only on her nipple as he moved his hips between hers, driving her to the brink of climax.
She tightened around him, and arched her back, moaning his name. He groaned, kissing her lips hard when he returned to them as he pushed in hard. He nearly couldn’t pull himself out, being so close to the edge.
Keith suddenly cried out, releasing hard in her. Kailani quickly put her hand between them, rubbing her clit fast as she could, wanting to release with him. She barely got her fingers on her own clit before she shuddered, and cried out his name, coming with her husband.
She kissed him long and hard, drawing his tongue into her mouth. He gently kissed her, and rolled off.
Kailani laughed.

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