Pregnant Ace

BY : KISSRockette
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“Burnt your hand huh?”
Keith sighed, and sweatdropped, handing the first aid kit over to Ace. He grabbed it and continued on bandaging his hand and helping the other man cook dinner. They normally worked together, and this time, yet again, Ace managed to hurt himself.
“You’re clumsy.”
“I am not.”
“You fell off the counter last night during sex, you slipped and broke your tailbone last year on the ice.” Keith continued to name the things Ace had done.
The mint haired man glared at him.
“Shaddup Keith!”
The blond chuckled, and put the pot of potatoes on the stove, where he turned it on and let the burner heat the water up. He leaned against the pale yellow counter, and watched the Darkus brawler clean up the mess from cutting the potatoes and onions.
“You’re something else.”
“Yeah I know.”
Keith smiled, and got himself a cup of soda and sat at the table. Ace went and got himself some water, and sat down, continuing his game with Keith.

It was well after midnight did they finally finish the long game, and both were tired, but craved a shower.
“Let’s take one together.” Keith said, his head in his arms and turned towards Ace, who had his in his hands.
“Sounds good.”
The blond got up, and took the gray eyed man by the hand, leading him down the hall.
“It’s cold.”
“I’ll turn the heat up.”
Keith turned the heat up, and took Ace to the bathroom. He laughed as Ace suddenly nuzzled him.
“Someone’s loving.”
“I can’t help it.”
Keith smiled, and helped Ace out of his clothes, soon leaving him naked from waist up. He then stripped his own clothes, and reached in, turning the shower on. He pulled the half naked man to him, and yanked out the hair tie that was keeping his hair from his face.
He tilted his tired head up, and kissed his lips gently. The younger gently pressed against him, wanting to quickly turn rough. His tongue licked his lips, and he smirked. He held Keith’s face to his, dragging his tongue along his lips.
Keith moaned, and opened his lips. Ace pushed his tongue in, causing the other to hold him close as he could to him. Their members were hard in their jeans, and they both needed that release in more ways than one.
Keith fumbled with Ace’s jeans, and the other stopped kissing, relishing in the feeling of something fondling his member with his mind as the other ripped his jeans down far enough to expose his shaft. He moaned as the other grabbed him, and slowly started to stroke.
He leaned back, against the large bathroom sink as pleasure slowly started to run through his veins. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back while the used to be pink haired man quickly hunkered down. He licked the tip, and looked up at him, seeing his eyes pop open. He took him in, and sucked hard.
Keith smirked around his shaft, he bobbed his head slowly to begin with, hoping that Ace would feel like he was being tortured. Ace gripped the edge of the sink, and moaned out. His body was becoming ravaged with pleasure, and he started to slide down the cabinets.
When his ass hit the floor, Ace buried his fingers in Keith’s hair, feeling as the other took him in more, taking his hand away from his swollen cock. He groaned his name as he took him in completely, gagging slightly as the head of his member hit the back of his throat.
He arched his back, feeling his climax climbing hard. He arched his back again, allowing his ass and hips to raise him up off the ground enough, blushing. He moaned, and Keith nipped his shaft as he moved his head up, taking him out of his mouth.
“Don’t worry.”
Ace let Keith strip him completely, then strip himself. He reached down, and picked him up bridal style. He got into the shower, put Ace down on the ground, then shut the door. He got down on all fours, facing his lover.
“Come here Ace.”
He shook his head, panting from the short blowjob he had received. Keith went to him, nuzzling and kissing his face. He kissed his lips, his hand traveling between the younger man’s legs, cradling his balls in his hand, massaging them gently.
Ace moaned, leaning his head on the other’s shoulder, allowing Keith to slide his hand down more, and trace his anus. He groaned, and let Keith wrap a arm around his back. His body felt hotter than the water hitting his body as Keith used his hands to spread his legs apart.
“More.” He begged.
Keith nodded and slid the tip of his finger into his passage, making Ace groan. He slid his finger in a bit more, feeling how Ace slowly relaxed. He managed to slide his entire finger in, and moved it slightly, letting Ace feel pleasure.
The mint haired one moaned, and he brought his knees up. Keith managed to slide in a second finger, and continued. His arm moved slightly fast as he continued to finger the moaning and writhing man in his arms.
His hips bucked slightly, staying where they were as Keith pulled his fingers out, and added a third to the group. He pushed his fingers back in, making Ace cry out.
“Just do it Keith!”
Keith laughed, and bent, kissing his lover hard on the lips. He slid his legs over Ace’s, and between them, pulling the legs up onto his shoulders. He gently guided himself to his lovers passage, and pushed in gently. Ace’s eyes still welled up, and slowly tried to relax.
The hot water made his muscles quiver, and he slowly relaxed, feeling Keith slide up in him more, and he moaned. Arms circled his waist and pulled him to him, kissing him as he gently moved his hips.
“More!” Ace cried out, not able to wait for the pleasure to simply climb.
Keith moved faster, thrusting his hips hard enough for his liking, and smirked.
“Just take it!”
Ace moaned and groaned, his arms wrapped around Keith’s shoulders. He kissed him as Keith thrusted faster, his hand going down to stroke his lover. Ace moaned, his back arching and he threw his head back, crying out as the thrusting became faster.
He shuddered suddenly, his body filling with a pleasure as Keith hit his prostate.
“FUCK! There! Hit me there!” He cried out.
Keith took aim, and rammed into him again, hitting that spot just right, causing Ace to arch and moan. He put his hands down beside him, lifting his hips up, and allowing him to drive deep into his passage. Ace soon arched his back hard, and felt Keith’s hand just gliding up and down his shaft like liquid, making him soon start bucking his hips.
Little sounds of ‘oh’ was escaping Ace’s lips, and he bucked hard, making Keith hit his prostate harder than ever.
A little sharp pain came in his lower left stomach, but he didn’t care as Keith drove his cock deep as he could in him, and let loose his seed. Ace screamed, his voice bouncing off the walls as his own come hit his stomach, the water washing it away as he continued to let loose on himself.

Keith gently tucked his lover in, making sure he was comfortable, then got into his side, and curled right up to him, skin to skin. Ace smiled in his sleep.

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