Pregnant Ace

BY : KISSRockette
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He groaned as he gripped his stomach, staying still to stop it from rising. Keith had gone out to get some medicine with Baron, who probably, knowing him, grab one of everything. Ace looked out his window, a book in his hand.
Gus had dropped by, and dropped a manga off to his friend who enjoyed reading the Kanji letters. He looked back at the manga, reading it as page after page went by. He saw a woman naked, killed in a folklore legend.
He rolled on his back, and his stomach rose.
“Stay the fuck down!”
He growled, and reached over, grabbing a handful of chips and stuffing them in his mouth. The salty taste made his stomach settle, and he continued to read, falling asleep after a while.

“Did you get everything?” Keith asked Baron, who held a bag in each hand full of medicine.
“I have no idea what he would have needed!”
Keith peered in.
“Ace is a guy!”
“I thought EPT stood for something else.”
“No Baron…”
Keith sighed, then started to laugh. Baron was something else, and didn’t understand that EPT was a pregnancy test. He shook his head, and Baron sweatdropped.

Keith put away the medicine while Ace slept. He smiled at the boy across the hall, curled up in bed like an angel. He smiled, and looked at the pregnancy test, then at Ace, biting his lip. He remembered something someone once told him about a man taking a pregnancy test. That it was always come out as positive. No matter what.

“Come on!”
“Keith please no!”
“Ace come on!”
“I don’t want to! It’s fricking impossible that I could be knocked up!”

“Mr. Grit?”
“You’re pregnant.”
Keith sat there with his face in his hand, trying to figure out how himself.
“But I’m a fricking guy!”
“And the ultrasound says your pregnant, not to mention numerous tests we have done.”
“I’m a guy…”
He then looked at Keith, and got angry.
“BASTARD!” He went to charge him.
The doctor quickly grabbed Ace around his waist, stopping him from attacking Keith, who had pushed up against the chair in fright.

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